Alzheimer’s patient gets engaged to his wife twice

It is often difficult for a married couple to forget their wedding day, but the case of Peter and Lisa Marshall exceptionally broke that rule.

(CBS) News Network presented a touching story of the married couple Peter and Lisa, perhaps carrying a measure of dark comedy, in which the husband forgot his wife and fell in love with her for the second time to propose to her, although they are still married.

Peter was diagnosed three years ago, at the age of 53, with Alzheimer’s. It is strange that he not only forgot his wedding date, but also forgot that he was married in the first place, to then treat his wife Lisa as just an elderly sitter, without even mentioning her name.

Over time, Lisa began to feel the renewed feeling of love from her husband Peter towards her, so that he began to flirt with her as if they were in the beginning of their romance.

One day, when a wedding scene appeared on television, Peter pointed to the screen and told his wife, Lisa, “Let’s do the same.” She asked, surprised, “What do we do?” He pointed again to the television, and I said: “Do you want to get married?!”

“He fell in love with me twice,” says Lisa, with a proud smile, noting that she could not describe how charming his words were as he proposed to her, as he was fully conscious, full of joy, and very touching.

Unfortunately, Peter’s state of love did not last long. By the next morning, he forgot his marriage proposal to his wife, leaving her as “Cinderella who collides with reality after the effect of the magic was gone”, but Lisa confirmed that she expected it.

Lisa tells the story sadly: “Only I will remember that marriage proposal. It really is a true love story. Alzheimer’s can erase many memories, but fortunately, love is always the last to fade.”


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