Alshaya celebrates the launch of its 100th online shopping website in the region

This week, Alshaya Group celebrates the launch of the application and the number 100 online shopping website in the Middle East and North Africa, with the provision of the two new applications of the “American Eagle + Ari” brand in Egypt and Qatar, in conjunction with the noticeable increase in customers’ orientation towards online shopping.

The group has significantly enhanced its digital presence over the past year, by responding to the permanent shift in customers’ shopping habits.

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Today, Alshaya has the largest online presence in the region, complementing its commercial portfolio, which includes thousands of shops, cafes, restaurants and entertainment destinations, through which it provides quick solutions for shopping that suit the needs of customers of all segments.

Alshaya customers can now shop from more of their favorite brands online in the various markets of the Gulf Cooperation Council and in Egypt, where they can shop from a wide range of brands such as “American Eagle”, “Bath and Body Works” and “Boots”, And “Foot Locker”, “H&M”, “Mothercare”, “Moji”, “Pottery Barn”, “West Elm”, “Victoria’s Secret” and others.

More details about the live websites and applications, and those that are still in the preparation stage, can be found by visiting the customer section at (

Paul Morris, head of the group’s electronic platforms department, said that “Alshaya” seeks to provide all the needs and requirements of its customers by providing their favorite brands online, and providing more websites and electronic applications, in line with the new and different ways for customers to shop, especially the digital generation of Young people under 30 years old, pointing to the group’s success in this, especially that some of its e-shopping sites now constitute more than 30% of the brand’s total sales.

He continued, “As we continue to strengthen our digital presence in the Middle East and North Africa, we strive to provide an easy and flexible shopping experience for customers, whether they choose to shop in-store, online, or both.”

He pointed out that it has been great to make all these changes over the past months, and thanks to the amazing teamwork of colleagues at Alshaya who contributed and continue to contribute daily to the success of its journey towards digital transformation.

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The digital expansion achieved by the group is in response to the general change in shopping habits and the trend towards online in the region, especially during the past 12 months, and customers’ search for new ways to shop from their favorite brands during the complete closure periods witnessed by the countries of the region in light of the outbreak of the “Covid-” pandemic. 19».

Online purchases in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region today have increased by 35% compared to last year, and Alshaya customers in Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates are at the forefront of this change.

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