“Alibaba” builds the world’s first apparel factory based on artificial intelligence

The Chinese e-commerce giant “Alibaba” continues to break the rules and go with the prospects of technological development as far as possible. After “Ant Financial” emerged from the mantle of the Chinese group to become one of the most important and prominent financial technology companies in the world in recent years, the progress of “Alibaba” “Today, the world has a new company that is expected to change the shape of the apparel industry forever.

Last September, Alibaba revealed a three-story facility called “Xunxi” located on the outskirts of Hangzhou. This facility, which had been kept secret and kept secret for three years, was the first smart garment manufacturer in China and the world to do the same. Basic on artificial intelligence and data analysis with the help of robotic arms.

Walid Al-Khashti

The new factory offers small and medium enterprises in China a complete digital supply chain that allows them to order any quantity of clothes on demand in record time, which is considered as a revolution in the Chinese clothing industry, whose value is close to 2.2 trillion yuan ($ 328 billion), according to estimates. Euro Monitor International ».

“Data is the essence of new manufacturing, and analyzing and benefiting from this data is necessary to seize the new opportunities in the market’s transformation from mass-produced goods to custom-made or manufactured goods,” said the CEO of Chunxi Digital, a subsidiary of Alibaba, which owns the new factory. depends on the request”.

The data and technology used by the “Shaunxi” factory lead to huge reductions in the time required to manufacture clothes, as it is known in the industry that it usually takes 90 days from the moment of ordering the goods to the time it is delivered to the merchants in stores. Now, thanks to the new factory, it decreased That time period is only two weeks.

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