Algorithm that eliminates Alzheimer’s

A team from the Kaunas University of Technology in Lithuania has come up with an analysis method that they believe can detect early signs of Alzheimer’s with an accuracy of 99%, which enables doctors to quickly intervene to prevent the situation from deteriorating, and invent a possible treatment in the future.

Researcher at the university, Ritz Maskellins, spoke about their findings, saying: “Doctors around the world are trying to raise awareness of early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease, providing sufferers with a better opportunity to benefit from treatment.”

He added, “The accuracy of the algorithm is promising, and we will work to collect more data on how to improve our system,” according to the British newspaper, “Daily Mail”.

He continued, “It is clear that these large numbers are not indicative of real performance in real life, but we are working with medical institutions to obtain more data. We need to make the most of the data, which is why our research group focuses on the principle of European open science, so that anyone can use and develop our knowledge further.”

The researchers hope their algorithm can be turned into software that doctors around the world can use, but they warn that their algorithms cannot replace doctors, but rather will make treating disease easier and less expensive.


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