Alexandre Astier unveils the portrait of the characters of Kaamelott: Premier Volet

While waiting for July 21, the director of the cult series distills the information concerning the return of Arthur to the kingdom of Logres.

Tirades and figures. A little over a month from the release of the first part of the trilogy Kaamelott at the cinema (scheduled for July 21), the film crew unveiled a series of portraits featuring its overwhelming cast. Above each photo of the characters imagined by Alexandre Astier is inscribed one of their future replicas. A way of doing things that should delight fans, who have become experts in theory on the future content of the feature film.

If we recognize the oral leg of some famous protagonists (LĂ©odagan, Perceval, Lancelot, Guinevere) of the revisited Arthurian saga, the posters revealed Thursday also allow us to learn a little more about the newcomers. Sting will thus interpret the Saxon Horsa and we will discover the mysterious Furadja, hidden behind a mask. Special mention for the magnificent costumes worn by the entire cast.


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