Alexandre Astier: “I’m not a fan of Kaamelott, I don’t even know if I like”

The director, in promotion for the release of the first film of the saga, gave some clues about the continuation of the Arthurian adventures.

Kaamelott: First Stream barely leaves the cinema that we already know a little more about the second episode of the trilogy. On the occasion of the theatrical release of his film, Alexandre Astier did not deliver major spoilers but a few leads. The second part has not yet been officially confirmed; its implementation will depend on the success of the first part. According to the first counts Thursday, the film had totaled 423,922 admissions; the director seems to be well on his way to getting back on track.

The series’ “Book VI” left viewers with a fallen King Arthur, recovering from a suicide attempt and returning to Rome to flee the tyranny of Lancelot to whom he had passed power. Kaamelott: First Stream is set a decade later, in a kingdom of bloodless Logres and under the yoke of a ruler obsessed with killing Arthur. A case that will be resolved in this first film.

Turn the page of the first part

It’s far from over, However, Alexandre Astier explains in an interview with the Huffington Post. In the first part, we have a character who brings together people. These people will have to prove their worth, we do not come to the Round Table like that, we are not part of the quest for the Grail anyhow.

For the interpreter of King Arthur, each part of the trilogy represents “a great chapter“. “The first part turns a big page of the book: it is the return of Arthur who was absent ten years. The two, for sure, will turn another big page. And in this big page, there will necessarily be something spectacular. Or in any case very unexpected ”, he announces.

Alexandre Astier already had the idea of ​​a trilogy in mind ten years ago. “At that time, I could have summarized for you roughly in one sentence what is in the one, in the two and in the three. That’s all. And I wouldn’t have wanted more, anyway. I think you have to write according to who you are when you do it, you have to leave yourself a margin of writing and not to plan too much in advance ”, he explains.

The fans nostalgia for a Kaamelott that existed, I take care of the Kaamelott which does not yet exist

Alexandre astier

As a screenwriter, he wants to have surprises in store for fans and not just meet their expectations. “I think that’s a really bad way to write, it’s not good at all. With all the affection, all the love that I have for the fans, I think they shouldn’t be the ones writing. I believe that if it were them who wrote, it would be zero ”, he quips. “Fans long for a Kaamelott which existed, I take care of Kaamelott which does not yet exist. If I take care of reminding people “ha, like it was long before”, it’s because I’m not the guy who writes Kaamelott, is that I am a fan. But I’m not a fan of Kaamelott. I don’t even know if I like Kaamelott. Besides, I’m not here to love it, I’m here to do it, which is not the same », he concludes amused.


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