Alahsa Wedding Channel launched on Snapchat

Al-Ahsa Chamber Board Member, Chair of the Women’s Centers Committee in Al-Ahsa Chamber, Ilham Al-Youssef, launched Alahsa Wedding Channel on Snapchat yesterday, to highlight the beauty makers in Al-Ahsa weddings, ranging from the wedding hall, kosha and hospitality supplies to the bride’s hand and the efforts made behind The scenes from designing a dress, accessory, hairstyle, makeup and video shooting until the end of a lifetime.

Beauty experts

Al-Youssef explained to Al-Watan yesterday that the channel began broadcasting, with the follow-up of the entrepreneur, a member of the Women’s Centers Committee in the Al-Ahsa Chamber, Nahla Al-Khamis (the volunteer in the service of female beauty experts in Al-Ahsa), and a group of “Al-Ahsa” women, indicating that the channel represents a media service for activities. Women-related services, which include beauty salons, fashion design, and female photographers, focus their activities on weddings and happy occasions, in addition to all women’s concerns of health, beauty and care.

Beauty industry

Pointing out that the channel will serve as a live and direct guide to review the options available to equip the bride and the wedding night, stressing that the arts of beauty industry have become a life necessity and a manifestation of development, and that the committee works to highlight and embrace the creativity of women in Al-Ahsa, and support the state’s approach to work and empower Saudi women.


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