Al Sharqiya takes the lead in the International Volunteer Day

While today’s date coincides with the occasion of the #International_Volunteer_Day, the eastern region continues to lead in the field of volunteering compared to the rest of the regions, whether through the number of volunteer hours in the volunteer work platform, the last of which was in the health field, or through the quality and number of programs and initiatives witnessed by the eastern region, which It reflects the extent of the concept of volunteering and its culture among volunteers, volunteers, and decision makers in the Eastern Province.

Honor and praise

If we touch on the field of volunteering in the eastern region, its prince, Prince Saud bin Nayef bin Abdulaziz, who is considered the true inspirer and supporter of volunteers in the eastern region, immediately appears. His Highness’s interest appears by honoring volunteers on many occasions and promoting the concept of volunteering in his statements, and perhaps a directive from His Highness to establish a volunteering unit In the Emirate of the Eastern Province and the signing of an agreement to establish a model volunteering unit to provide the opportunity for volunteers in the region to participate in voluntary opportunities through the volunteering platform, is a realistic example of Prince Saud bin Nayef’s keenness to spread the culture of volunteering in the Eastern Province.


In the largest edifice of knowledge in the Kingdom, the King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture (Ithra) devoted a special interest to volunteering, believing in the center’s belief in the importance of volunteering. Instilling life skills that raise the level of a sense of responsibility, ethical standards, and team spirit to understand the values ​​that form the basis of volunteering, in addition to the Volunteer Enrichment Forum, which seeks to raise the potential of young people, discussing the experiences of inspiring people who made their mark in volunteering, in addition to sharing their stories And methods of success and identifying the fruits of volunteer work, and drew their attention to how to create opportunities for their success through volunteer work. The Center also expressed its interest on the occasion of the International Volunteer Day by displaying pictures of volunteers on the building.


In embodiment of the excellence of volunteer work in the Eastern Province, 350 volunteers have impressed more than 120,000 visitors and 3,000 contestants from 15 countries with the “Khobar International Half Marathon” within eight days, which is the duration of the occasion. Volunteers from the Education Department in the Eastern Province were given the title of “Volunteer Ambassadors”, especially in light of the first participation in the education of the Eastern Province, while 30 volunteer doctors and 100 volunteers from the “Edaa” team participated in the event. Human Resources in the education of the Eastern Abdullah Al-Issa, and the Director of the Communication Department, Muhammad Al-Jishi.


As long as the talk about volunteering, Najeeb Al-Zamil, may God have mercy on him, imposes his name as the godfather of volunteering, not only at the level of the eastern region, but also in the Kingdom as well as the Arab countries. Except for the hashtag #Naguib_Zamil.


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