Al-Sharqiya males and Riyadh females are the most affected by pancreatic cancer

Al-Sharqiya had the highest rates of pancreatic cancer among males, and Riyadh in females, according to a retrospective descriptive study. Epidemiological data on pancreatic cancer cases, which were diagnosed in 13 administrative regions between January 2004 and December 2015, were extracted from the Saudi Cancer Registry.

A slight increase

This study, published on the science website dovepress, revealed a slight increase in the CIR and ASIR rate of pancreatic cancer among males and females.

The eastern region, Riyadh and Tabuk recorded the highest rates of infection among males, and Riyadh, the northern region and Tabuk among females.

Least influential

Jizan is one of the regions least affected by pancreatic cancer among males and females. The rates of pancreatic cancer in the Kingdom were significantly higher among males compared to females. Further analytical studies are needed to determine potential risk factors for pancreatic cancer in the population.


From January 2004 to December 2015, a total of 2,338 cases of pancreatic cancer were recorded, of which 1,443 were male and 895 were female.

The total CIR was 1.28 / 100,000 among males and 0.80 / 100,000 for females, with a total ASIR of 2.26 and 1.41 / 100,000 for males and females, respectively. Higher ASIR and CIR were observed among males than females ‘ratio of 1.6’.

Increase in infection

In both sexes, the age-standardized incidence rate (ASIR) of pancreatic cancer increased with age, with the highest rate in patients aged 70 and over. The age-standardized incidence rate in the Eastern Province (3.2 / 100,000) and Riyadh regions (3.0 / 100,000) and Tabuk (2.6 / 100,000) proved that it is much higher than other regions of the country. Among women, the age-standardized infection rate (ASIR) was significantly higher in Riyadh (2.3 / 100,000), the northern region (2.2 / 100,000), and Tabuk (2.0 / 100,000).


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