Al-Sharif: The new artistic names will be swept away

With the beginning of 2021, many production companies began to search and work after the recession that hit the field during the past year, and the artist Fatima Al-Sharif confirmed that the Corona pandemic played a fundamental role in showing a new generation of creative people in the field of acting and singing.

The artistic community

She added that the pandemic posed a threat to artists in the Middle East, especially in light of the emergence of new artistic names that will sweep the artistic scene in general, whether acting or singing. The artistic community is not exclusive to anyone else, and with the people’s awareness of the best and the most worthy, it makes the people of art comfortable and reassured about the reality of drama and acting, as well as the reality of the Gulf and Arab songs. It is time for change and the emergence of new names in the arena in general, especially from the girls of the country, who More efficient and proficient, and they have the ability to play all its roles and sing as well, because the gap that was in the past was buried and disappeared. Al-Sharif indicated that Corona disrupted many festivals, weddings, celebrations, events and filming series, and that the smart artist was the one who took advantage of the past period to develop his artistic, acting and singing capabilities, and search for distinguished and good work, as well as good melody and word. She added that this crisis made the challenge exist and brought many new artists and artists out of their slumber, and that it would be a great artistic change in the Middle East region in Egypt, Beirut and the Gulf in general.

New generation

She revealed that the last period was the art scene suffering from boredom, repetition and imitation, especially as the Gulf and Arab viewers in general became more aware and aware of what they watched and watched, and the matter of time was greatly concerned, and this makes the survival of good and distinguished works. It also made the Arab Gulf viewer knowledgeable, informed, aware and aware more than before because of the stone period, which makes him look for good work to follow him alone.

Huge work

She talked about her recent participation in a number of popular series and advertisements, saying, “I participated in the series“ Hit the Sand ”with the artist Khaled Abdul Rahman, and it was a wonderful experience and is currently preparing to participate in two works for the next month of Ramadan, and filming will be for work between Riyadh and Cairo, which is a huge and big work on The level of the Arab world, and my participation in it as a Saudi artist is an addition and a big leap in my artistic career and adds to me a lot.


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