Al-Shaabi is the first Arabic calligrapher in Jizan

Al-Sha’bi is a self-taught calligrapher who loved Arabic calligraphy since his childhood. It became his favorite hobby, which he devoted a lot of his time to developing and learning its hidden secrets until he created and deserved and obtained a license from the Dean of Calligraphers in the Kingdom, Nasser Al-Maimoun, to be the first licensed Arabic calligrapher in the Jazan region.

self-made calligrapher

The calligrapher Hassan Al-Shaabi explained to Al-Watan that he is one of the sons of Al-Darb Governorate and considers himself a self-taught calligrapher. He says that I learned self-education since my childhood and took the license within three years, praise be to God, at the hands of the Dean of Calligraphers in the Kingdom, Nasser Al-Maimoun, as the first to be licensed in Arabic calligraphy at the level of the Jazan region. Al-Shaabi pointed out that he started and began to learn Arabic calligraphy since 2015, and was taught by Hussein Al-Sari from the State of Kuwait on single letters only. I copied my handwriting plate.

Means and methods

He pointed out that he practiced the means and methods of hand stability and methods of using tools that help in writing Arabic calligraphy, as he was experimenting with these tools and pens in a way that he enjoyed, and indicated that he was preoccupied with the world of calligraphy tools, which took him a long time to learn in addition to experiencing its types in a practical way, There is a naturally hardened paper, and this needs great care, as well as reed pens, metal pens, slates, and Arabic inks, which are among the finest types that are used in writing calligraphy.

Weakness and loss

Al-Shaabi said that modern technologies and devices may have contributed to the weakening and loss of the arts and aesthetics of Arabic calligraphy, as technology cast a shadow over these human creations, and computers began to produce writings for some fonts automatically and programmed, and without delving into learning the aesthetic basics of calligraphy and the importance it constitutes in learning handwriting and copies. However, the learner, referring to the role of social media regarding facilitating the search for the most famous calligraphers and his communication with them, as they had a role in that.

Training courses

He pointed out that he organizes training courses to teach the basics of calligraphy, the rules of famous calligraphy, and he teaches many male and female students, and that the courses he offers have contributed to improving students’ skills in the world of calligraphy while they are at advanced levels.


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