Al-Mawaddah contributes to the distribution of 2,500 food baskets through the Charity Giving campaign

The Al-Mawaddah Association for Family Development in Makkah Al-Mukarramah Region, through the Bid in Charity campaign, in partnership with the national platform for charitable work, the Ihsan platform, contributed to the distribution of 2,500 food baskets to the affected and most needy families. Engineer Faisal Al-Samanoudi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al-Mawaddah Society for Family Development, expressed his thanks and appreciation to the management of the IhsanR platform that contributed to presenting the opportunity on the platform, and by the grace of God and then thanks to the benefactors of our generous country, the amount of the opportunity was completed in less than two days, which aims to provide food baskets to 2,500 A family of the most needy families, whose number reaches nearly 12,000 individuals.

Al-Samnoudi confirmed that the food baskets distribution project is carried out through a group of administrative, field and volunteer work teams that ensure that the baskets reach the affected and most needy families through, and the beneficiaries are registered through a link platform with the Al-Mawaddah Society for Family Development.

Engineer Faisal indicated that in addition to the food baskets distribution project, she is also currently working on another project to provide electronic cards to needy poor families, so that the family can purchase through a group of major stores, according to their needs of food, clothes and personal supplies.


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