Al-Khatib inaugurates the “High Tourism” program to qualify talents

His Excellency the Minister of Tourism and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Tourism Development Fund, Mr. Ahmed bin Aqeel Al-Khatib, launched the High Tourism Program, which aims to qualify young local talents to join the job opportunities available in the tourism sector, by providing high-level training opportunities for outstanding graduates from the girls and sons of the Kingdom.

His Excellency noted the importance of the Tourism Height Program, which is one of the initiatives of the Tourism Development Fund, pointing out that providing local competencies capable of competing globally in the field of tourism development and innovation is one of the objectives of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 and the national tourism strategy.

The Minister of Tourism explained to the newly qualified graduates that the future of work in the tourism sector is promising, and holds more renewable opportunities, and that the sustainable development of any sector depends in essence on the availability of creative young talents, noting that the opportunities for professional development available through this program are among the best. globally.

For his part, CEO of the Tourism Development Fund, Qusai Al-Fakhri, stated that the program seeks to train new graduates in the disciplines of business administration, engineering and tourism, through theoretical and practical programs offered over a period of 12 months, noting that it will provide young leaders with opportunities to communicate and interact with distinguished global experts in Tourist field.

Al-Fakhri explained that the training will take place in internationally distinguished experts in the field of tourism and business, such as: the Glion Institute of Higher Education in London, which specializes in the field of hotel hospitality, and the Swiss Les Roches Institute, which is one of the most prestigious international universities according to approved classifications.

The training will enable graduates to acquire the skills required in the labor market, and build a wide professional network through work and direct interaction with mentors and personal mentors for each trainee; To ensure their preparation for launch and excellence in their professional career.

It is worth mentioning that the Fund works through this program to attract promising talents from outstanding university graduates; To prepare them for a successful career in this booming sector.

The High Tourism Program is part of the Tourism Development Fund’s plans to adopt initiatives that would contribute to the implementation of the national tourism development strategy, and contribute to the preparation of distinguished cadres by providing the best professional development programs for the distinguished.


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