Al-Jadaan: “Al-Twenty” has pumped 11 trillion dollars to confront Corona

The Minister of Finance and Acting Minister of Economy and Planning, Muhammad bin Abdullah Al-Jadaan, said, “The G20 has pumped about 11 trillion dollars into the arteries of the global economy to contain the repercussions of the Corona pandemic, and pledged more than 21 billion dollars to fill the short-term financing gap in the field of global health.” He explained that 2020 AD will remain one of the most challenging years in the memory of peoples, governments, individuals and economies alike. Because of Corona. He added: In his opening speech to the 23rd Arab-German Economic Forum, which is held hypothetically and organized by the German Arab Chamber of Commerce and Industry, he added that despite the unprecedented crisis that the world has not witnessed since the Great Depression in 1930, the response of the international community led by the G20 It was fast and on the level of the action. He pointed out that, with strong support from Germany, the G20 has supported the establishment of the Access to the Anti-COVID-19 Tool Accelerator (ACT-A) and the COVAX Facility, with the aim of accelerating research, development, manufacturing and distribution of Covid-19 treatments and vaccines, as well as providing about $ 14 billion. To provide liquidity and debt service suspension to the most vulnerable countries, enabling them to enhance their fight against the epidemic and its health, economic and social impact. According to the statement, decision-makers, businessmen and experts from the Arab world and Germany will participate in the forum. To discuss ways to strengthen and expand Arab-German economic relations. The Kingdom is the partner of the forum this year, as it has strong historical ties with the Federal Republic of Germany. Last year, the two countries celebrated the ninetieth anniversary of mutual cooperation and bilateral trade. The forum will discuss ways to enhance cooperation in the sectors of tourism, renewable energy, petrochemicals, digital transformation, artificial intelligence, infrastructure, transport and logistics.

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