Al-Haraj Al-Jadeed announces the launch of its first auction in Riyadh … the jewel of packages

The New Haraj Real Estate Company, a subsidiary of Itqan Real Estate Group, announced the launch of the long-awaited scheme (Jawharat Al Hazm) for sale at auction in the capital, Riyadh, which has an estimated total area of ​​(316,541) square meters and includes (21) blocks and (286) residential plots, and is a distinct opportunity For investors and citizens.

The (Jawharat Al Hazm) scheme is characterized by the completion of vital services in it, and its surrounded by a densely populated area, in addition to its proximity to the neighborhoods of Al-Shifa, Al-Suwaidi and Namar, and it is also easily accessible through a major road network, the most important of which is Dirab Road, the extension of King Fahd Road in addition to the Western Ring Road. The plan also increases the distinction of being part of the Wadi Namar Dam Park, and its location near government and service facilities such as Al-Salam Mall, Air Defense and a number of important hospitals in Riyadh.

Al-Haraj Real Estate Company clarified that the conditions for entering the auction are as follows: the presence of the buyer or his legal representative, the submission of a certified bank check for the bidding of the block amounting to 100 thousand riyals, and a check of 50 thousand riyals for each piece.

She added that the bank check submitted for auction is considered part of the value of the property for the one who won the auction, and the one who won the auction is not entitled to recover it, as the buyer is required to pay within 30 working days, and indicated that whoever wins the auction draws the bid check 2.5% of the price of the property, while it will be Retrieving the auction check directly in the event that the auction is not settled, in addition to paying the value of the real estate transactions on the buyer.

“Al-Haraj Al-Jadeed Real Estate” stated that the auction proceedings will take place in the Al-Shomou hall on the Southern Ring at 4 pm on Monday 4/29/1442 AH corresponding to 12/14/2020 AD, inviting investors who want more clarifications to visit the website, / alharajAljadeed or contact the company: (0508639999), or via social media.


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