Al-Hammad: “stc” invites Kuwaiti talents to join the world of integrated communications

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The Kuwait Telecom Company (stc) renewed its invitation to distinguished Kuwaiti cadres to join its experienced team in the world of integrated telecommunications.

The company stated in a virtual panel discussion, which was gathered by representatives of the local media, that it is keen to employ Kuwaiti competencies from various scientific backgrounds and experiences, starting from recent graduates to the executive management, noting that it opens its doors to distinguished Kuwaiti cadres looking for work in various fields, specializations and sectors. Working for it, including technical and specialized jobs dealing with strategies, marketing, technology, and human resources, based on its strategy to Kuwaitize and attract local talent in various fields.

During the discussion session, which witnessed the presence of the human resources team, the CEO of the Human Resources Sector, Eng. Ahmed Al-Hammad, stated that “stc” provides growth opportunities for employees through modern learning and development platforms to enrich their knowledge and skills and provide them with opportunities to advance in their careers within the company. Various rewards and recognition programs at stc, as the company’s culture is based on appreciating and rewarding employees who excel through their performance and achievements, especially as they are the cornerstone of the company’s success and stc’s ambassadors wherever they are.

He said that the company was able over the past years to confirm its leadership in the field of digital transformation in the integrated telecommunications sector, noting that in conjunction with the launch of its new brand, stc focused on redefining its strategy towards enabling digital transformation in various sectors, as the company focuses on digitizing All employee transactions.

talent attraction

He explained that as part of its strategy to support the Kuwaiti society and economy, stc has intensified its efforts to attract enthusiastic and talented Kuwaiti individuals through various internal training and development programs, pointing out that the company’s human resources strategy is based on a vision aimed at attracting talent and providing them with opportunities for growth within the company to reach The strategy also focuses on enhancing digital culture, especially in light of the outbreak of the “Covid-19” pandemic.

Al-Hammad stated that the transformation in stc’s culture, which the company went through after launching its values ​​(vitality, courage and dedication) contributed to creating synergy between departments, promoting self-development and acquiring knowledge and practical and technical experience, pointing out that as part of its strategy, stc focuses on Providing continuous learning and development programs, which helped support the main pillars of the company over the past period, as the company launched its e-learning programs effectively through many recognized international institutions, such as “LinkedIn Learning” and “Gartner”, to continue providing training and development opportunities. for employees.

Al Hammad continued, “In addition, (stc) has established and developed an internal recruitment platform (Khotwa), which is designed not only to enhance the employee’s career path but also to create a network by providing job opportunities to perform various roles within the company, and this allows employees to develop their skills. leadership with acquiring extensive experience and knowledge in the operational and technical aspects of the company,” expressing stc’s pride in being part of a regional group that follows global standards in the telecommunications sector, enabling its employees to enrich their information and gain expertise at the highest level, in line with best practices. in major global companies.

digital transformation

Al-Hammad stressed that the company’s digital transformation strategy aims primarily to enrich the lives of its individual and institutional customers by providing integrated services, products and business solutions that take them to a new and advanced world of communications, enabling them to meet their various needs in an easier and smoother way, explaining that to achieve this Strategy, the company also focused on enriching the digital experience internally with employees through the employee portal, performance management system and many other digital tools and channels. And he indicated that the company was able to achieve this by implementing the remote work protocol for all employees through digital platforms that allowed each employee to perform his work remotely without any impact, adding, “We are proud in (stc) to be the fastest and most effective to adapt to the remote work process. Successfully, which also enabled us to support employees during those times in completing and even enhancing their operational processes, by providing advanced services to enable digital transformation and business automation using artificial intelligence techniques and a wide range of unique products to manage the business efficiently.”

performance culture

Al-Hammad pointed to stc’s belief in the importance of empowering its employees to achieve their full potential, and embodying the culture of performance as a key driver towards empowering and encouraging employees to achieve their goals in line with the company’s strategy, stressing that the company realizes the importance of encouraging distinguished cadres to grow and achieve more achievement. They spare no effort to show that appreciation through a number of incentive measures, including the competitive reward system and the provision of career growth opportunities in appreciation of talent and superior performance.

He continued, “Through our strategy, we aim to attract distinguished and accomplished cadres of different ages and experiences, including various disciplines, from recent graduates to executives, and through this seminar, I renew our invitation to distinguished Kuwaiti cadres to join our experienced team in the world of telecommunications. We open our doors to job seekers in various disciplines and work sectors, including technical and specialized jobs in the fields of strategies, communications, information technology and human resources, based on our strategy for Kuwaitization and to attract local talent in various fields.”

Submit requests via the website

Al-Hammad said that stc provides an integrated and advanced platform for employment, based on receiving applications for employment and CVs of applicants, allowing them to provide all practical and scientific information and experiences, and in a way that enables the company’s recruitment team to choose the best and employ them in a manner that matches their qualifications, indicating that Those wishing to join the “stc” family can submit their applications through the jobs page on the website: “” with ease and ease.

He added, “Through our recruitment platform, interested applicants can apply for job vacancies related to their profile, so the platform is designed to create a flexible classification system for available jobs and display them in line with the practical backgrounds and fields of specialization of applicants better, and we strive to attract Enable Kuwaiti cadres to join the stc family and build their professional future through the company’s education and development platforms, while creating an integrated professional network within the company.”

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