Al-Hammad: “stc” has strengthened the work culture through its internal digital strategy

Kuwait Telecommunications Company (stc) participated in the Human Resources Technology Forum – MENA 2023, the largest event of its kind in the field of human resources in the region, which was held in Dubai, and brought together senior experts and decision-makers in the human resources sector in order to discuss the latest trends and innovations that Shaping the future industry in the Middle East and North Africa region.

The company stated in a statement that stc’s participation in the forum, which specializes in the field of human resources technology in the Middle East and North Africa for the year 2023, is in line with its continuous commitment to enhancing the healthy environment for its employees, and discussing developments and new methods that contribute to simplifying human resource operations and enhancing the employee experience. in general.

Al-Sulaili and Al-Babtain during the public meeting (Photo by Saud Salem)

She stated that after the success of its participation in previous years, stc contributed to this event along with industry leaders in exchanging valuable ideas and strategies to take advantage of technology that would drive growth and develop a culture of positive work.

She added that, thanks to its reputation for providing high-quality content, the HR Tech MENA Summit has become an essential event for HR professionals and technology leaders across the region.

The company drew attention to the participation of stc’s Chief Human Resources Officer, Eng. Ahmed Al-Hammad, in one of the discussion sessions at the summit entitled “Digital Leaders: The Future of Human Resources in a Data-Driven World.”

During the discussion session, with the participation of other committee members, Al-Hammad touched on the impact of people analytics in creating a new world within the scope of work. Technology helps HR leaders manage the workforce with a differentiated perspective.

Al-Hammad shared his vision on the impact of data-driven human resource strategies in driving stc business growth, and how to achieve sustainable empowerment and enhance employee experience.

He stated, “When it comes to promoting a dynamic work culture, (stc) has promoted a performance-driven environment through employee growth initiatives and reward programs that distinguish them based on their performance.” It was also able to promote this culture through the internal digital strategy, which enabled employees to Be productive and collaborative.

Al-Hammad indicated that the process and development of stc’s performance management culture was designed based on measurable standards for employees and the alignment of their roles with the company’s corporate strategy. Therefore, each employee’s sense of purpose is closely linked to his performance, job satisfaction, and his ability to meet customer needs within a supportive environment that allows growth. sustainable.

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