“Al-Aqar” seizes 7,421 violating advertisements and issues 5,494 real estate authorizations

The Real Estate General Authority seized 7,421 violating real estate ads, processed 5,726 of them, and applied legal procedures against other violations, for violating the controls of real estate ads.

The authority indicated that the number of licensed electronic real estate platforms is 7 electronic real estate platforms, and 23,558 beneficiaries and 2552 real estate establishments were registered in the real estate service, while the authority issued 5,494 electronic authorizations, and the authority registered 13,590 real estate advertisers, including 2,161 establishments and 11,429 individuals.

The total real estate establishments classified by the authority amounted to 1,384 real estate establishments, and the number of real estate disputes seen in the Saudi Center for Real Estate Arbitration reached 87 real estate disputes. Real estate, registering real estate advertisers, submitting reports, and following them up electronically.

The authority had previously announced the controls of real estate advertisements that the advertiser should be a Saudi national, or a legal person licensed to practice the activity in the Kingdom, and that the advertiser should be the owner of the property or an authorized person, with the addition of the advertiser’s numbers and the authorization issued by the authority in real estate advertisements.

The authority confirms its follow-up to the implementation of regulations, decisions and controls. It urges dealers in the real estate sector to report violators through the electronic link https://eservices.rega.gov.sa

These regulations that the Real Estate General Authority operates come within its role in regulating, supervising and developing the non-governmental real estate sector, to enhance the sector’s governance, raise the efficiency of its performance, maintain its sustainability, serve partners, and raise the level of transparency of the real estate sector.

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