Al-Ali: A remarkable acceleration of digital transformation over the past two years

– We need to increase the dissemination of digital culture in various service fields
The traditional branches will gradually disappear in the coming period, with the global trend of digitization
– An urgent need to develop cyber security policies and systems and classify data locally
– Improving the infrastructure in the telecommunications sector, in cooperation between the two sectors

The Chief Technology Officer of the Kuwait Telecommunications Company (stc), Eng. Fahd Al-Ali, indicated that the digital transformation process in Kuwait has accelerated significantly over the past two years, which is evident through the launch of many applications and electronic stores that meet the needs of citizens and residents.

Al-Ali expected Kuwait to reach higher rates of digital transformation in the coming years, pointing to the need to enhance the culture of using software, applications and websites and use them in the implementation of all transactions in various sectors among all citizens and residents in the country.

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He stressed that success in achieving this requires development and investment in classified data centers, infrastructure and software, in cooperation between government agencies and private sector companies.

And Al-Ali indicated that traditional centers and branches are still important in the work of companies today, given the customers’ need for more knowledge about the importance of applications and their role in executing transactions quickly, expecting their number to gradually decrease in the coming period, especially with the tendency of many international companies to serve customers digitally and reduce their operations in traditional branches. with which you receive clients.

Al-Ali stated that stc’s strategy focuses on enabling digital transformation and providing many communications and information technology services and solutions to individual customers and institutions in various governmental and private fields, by investing and pumping huge capitals in the best and latest information and communication technology, and by acquiring Qualitynet, which has turned into (Solutions by STC), the electronic holding portal, which specializes in providing solutions to organizations and institutions. He revealed that, in line with digital transformation and the increasing demand for data services and information transfer, stc is seeking to extend an additional international fiber optic cable. Al-Ali said that Kuwait needs to make more efforts in the framework of cybersecurity, classification and preservation of data in a way that guarantees the protection and rights of that data, which needs to develop systems, and build data centers according to international standards, to ensure the continuity of availability All data is locally, even in the event of any disasters or huge events, God forbid, stressing stc’s readiness to build such centers, while possessing all the expertise and knowledge The physical and human beings that allow her to achieve this.

Al-Ali stressed the importance of the role of the Communications and Information Technology Regulatory Authority, as the regulatory regulator for the operations of the telecommunications sector, and is responsible for granting approvals for the services and products of companies operating in the market, pointing to the importance of its role with its new council in developing systems in a way that contributes to ensuring the success of the digital transformation process.

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