Al-Ajmi: The Communications Authority is reviewing its regulations with the aim of facilitating them and easing restrictions

– Al-Juhaidli: Great importance for the optical fiber industry locally in light of urban expansion and smart cities
Al-Mutairi: The factory will be established in Mina Abdullah, with an initial investment of $20 million
– Production starts in the third quarter with a capacity of 500,000 km

The Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Communications and Information Technology Regulatory Authority, Abdullah Al-Ajmi, said that the authority is working to review all current regulations with the aim of facilitating them and easing other restrictions, indicating that there are 10 licensed companies in Kuwait that provide Internet service.

Al-Ajmi stated, during the ceremony of laying the foundation stone for the establishment of the first factory in Kuwait specialized in the manufacture of optical fiber cables, in partnership between a local investor and the South Korean Taihan Cable and Solution Company, which owns one of the largest cable factories in the world, that there are 6 effective land and sea cables in Kuwait, which the authority seeks To increase the number, capacities and licensed parties to provide the service, and to offer multiple options to the user.

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He stressed that the use of technology in Kuwait is very high, as the indicators of the Communications Authority show that the capacity in 2019 was 400 gigabytes and will reach 1 terabyte, noting that Kuwait is a pioneer in attracting any new technology.

For his part, Deputy Director General of the Development and Licensing Sector at the Public Authority for Industry, Shamlan Al-Juhaidli, stated during the ceremony, which witnessed the presence of the South Korean Ambassador to Kuwait Chung Byung-ha, that the optical fiber cable factory will meet the needs of the local market, while the “Kuwait Taihan” company will work on Exporting the surplus to the Gulf countries and Iraq for the many uses of these cables in communications, the Internet, data transmission and others.

He stated that the entry of the optical fiber industry into Kuwait at this time is of great importance in light of urban expansion, smart cities, and e-government, as these factors will raise the demand for optical fibers in the coming years locally and regionally.

Al-Juhaidli pointed out that Kuwait spares no effort through the Industry Authority to support Kuwaiti industry and manufacturers and encourage the entry of foreign investors into the local market.

For his part, the investor in the Taihan Kuwait company, Eng. Atallah Al-Mutairi, said that this plant is the first of its kind in Kuwait, with an initial production capacity of 500 thousand fiber kilometers, while Kuwait’s annual consumption is approximately 300 thousand fiber kilometers.

He added that the factory will be established in the Mina Abdullah Industrial Area, with an initial investment of between 15 and 20 million dollars, pointing out that production will start in the third quarter of this year with its initial capacity, and the production capacity can be increased to one million fiber kilometers within a short period to meet the increase in demand.

Al-Anbaei: The government should overcome the difficulties

Member of the National Assembly, Abdullah Al-Anbaei, said that the Tayhan Company will provide a qualitative industry in Kuwait, indicating that the government must overcome all difficulties in front of this type of economic activities, because it constitutes an addition to the local economy and will raise exports and contribute to finding another source of income and creating job opportunities for citizens.

He added that the National Assembly worked hard, in cooperation with the Federation of Industries, to improve legislation that provides incentives and facilities to support the local product, stressing that the industrial and logistical sector should be one of Kuwait’s sources of income.

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