Al-Aboudi, Cultural Personality of the Year, and Amin wins the National Youth Culture Award

On behalf of the Crown Prince, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Prince Muhammad bin Salman, Prince Faisal bin Bandar of Riyadh honored the winners of the “National Cultural Awards” initiative, in the ceremony organized by the Ministry of Culture this evening, at the Culture Palace in the Diplomatic Quarter in Riyadh, in the presence of the deputy The Minister of Culture, Hamid Fayez, and a group of the ministry’s leaders, cultural bodies, intellectuals, writers and media professionals.

Cultural Personality of the Year

And the “Cultural Personality of the Year” award was won by the writer Muhammad bin Nasser Al-Aboudi, in recognition of his rich literary career that covered multiple seas, including travel literature, language, preservation and documentation of cultural heritage, and was received on his behalf by his son Khalid bin Muhammad Al-Aboudi. Film director Shahd Saeed Amin won the “National Youth Culture” award, in recognition of her achievements in filmmaking, from her inception as an assistant director until she became one of the most important filmmakers in the Kingdom.

Then the rest of the prizes were distributed in the cultural sectors; These are 12 prizes, as Rakan Ibrahim Al-Areifi won first place in the culinary arts award, while the Saudi Academy of Culinary Arts came second, and Noura Abdel Wahab Al-Badran came third.

In the fashion award, the international company “Lomar” won the first place, Youssef Muhammad Akbar came in second, and Arwa Abdullah Al-Ammari came in third.

In the Visual Arts Award, the artist Lulwa Abdul-Razzaq Al-Hamoud won the first place, Dana Abdul-Rahim Awartani second, and Ahmed Sami Angawi third.

Whereas, she won the first place in the film award for director Shahd Saeed Amin, and the second and third place awards were withheld for not meeting their requirements.

National Heritage and Literature Awards

In the National Heritage Award, Abdulaziz Abdullah Al-Dakhil won the first place, Dr. Hisham Ali Mortada came second, and our Heritage Company for Social Responsibility came third. In the Music Award, Zeina Imad Sweileh won the first place, while Akram Ibrahim Al-Matar and Reem Fahd Al-Tamimi came third.

In the Theater and Performing Arts Award, first place was won by Sami Abd al-Latif al-Jamaan, and second by Yasser Yahya Madkhali, and the third place was withheld because the presented works did not meet his requirements.

Novelist Abdulaziz Saleh Al-Saqabi won first place in the Literature Prize, and novelist Maqbool Musa Al-Alawi came second, while novelist Amal Saleh Al-Harbi came third.

In the translation award, Abdullah Muhammad Idris came first, Sultan Nasir al-Majool second, and Bandar Muhammad al-Harbi came in third place.

In the Publishing Prize, Obeikan Publishing and Translation won first place, Kady and Ramadi Publishing and Distribution House second, and third place was Athr House for Publishing and Distribution.

The National Cultural Awards Committee has withheld the three awards in the Architecture and Design Arts Award Branch, due to the failure of the submitted works to meet their requirements.

In the Cultural Institutions Prize, the Saudi Society for the Preservation of Heritage won “We are our heritage” for the non-profit cultural institutions track, the King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture (Ithra) won for the track for large and emerging cultural institutions from the private sector, and the online application “My Book for You” won for the track Social and cultural responsibility programs from the private sector.

The ceremony comes to conclude the work of the first session of the “National Cultural Awards” initiative launched by the Ministry of Culture in June 2020 within the initiatives of the Quality of Life Program, one of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 programs, with the aim of celebrating the cultural achievements and productions achieved by intellectuals and institutions in various cultural sectors.

The Ministry’s organization of this initiative stems from its belief in the importance of honoring in advancing local cultural production, and creating a competitive cultural environment that contributes to enriching and diversifying cultural content.

Award for “Cultural Personality of the Year”

Mohammed bin Nasser Al-Aboudi

Prize for “National Youth Culture”

Film director Shahd Saeed Amin

Culinary Arts Award

1. Rakan Al-Arifi

2. The Saudi Academy Zadak for Culinary Arts

3. Noura Al-Badran

Fashion award

1. International Company Details «Lomar»

2. Youssef Akbar

3. Arwa Al-Ammari

Visual Arts Award

1. Lulwa Al-Hammoud

2. Dana Awartani

3. Ahmed Angawi

Film Award

Amin saw

National Heritage Award

1. Abdulaziz Al-Dakhil

2. Hisham Mortada

3. Our Heritage Company for Social Responsibility

Music Award

1. Zeina Imad Sweileh

2. Akram Ibrahim Al-Matar

3. Reem Fahad Al-Tamimi

Theater and Performing Arts Award

1. Sami Al-Jamaan

2. Yasser Madkhali

Literature award

1. Abdulaziz Saleh Al-Saqabi

2. Maqbool Musa Al-Alawi

3. Amal Saleh Al-Harbi

Translation award

1. Abdullah Muhammad Idris

2. Sultan Nasser Al-Majiol

3. Bandar Muhammad Al-Harbi

Publishing Award

1. Obeikan for publishing and translation

2. Cady and Ramadi Publishing and Distribution House

3. Dar Athar for Publishing and Distribution.

Cultural Institutions Prize

1. The Saudi Society for the Preservation of Heritage

2. King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture (Ithraa)

3. The “My Book for You” electronic application


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