Air Connection Program: Financial incentives to fill the gaps and operate low-traffic lines

The approval of the higher authorities was issued to adopt the national program for air connectivity with the aim of supporting and motivating airlines to establish local and international air routes, and to increase flights to existing and targeted destinations, in a way that contributes to the development of tourism in the Kingdom, in agreement with the General Authority for Civil Aviation and coordination with the Ministry of Finance. Controls Providing financial incentives to support the gaps related to air connectivity, according to the needs of tourism development in the Kingdom and the operation of international low-traffic lines. The program stressed the sustainability and targeted continuity of air links, supporting efforts related to improving and developing airport infrastructure, conducting marketing and promotion campaigns, coordinating and cooperating with civil aviation authorities regarding any decision that affects the program’s objectives, addressing obstacles and obstacles that restrict the growth and strengthening of air connectivity, and contributing to the development of air connectivity. Competitiveness by building an interactive relationship with existing and potential airlines.

It was decided to form a supervisory committee for the program under the chairmanship of the Minister of Tourism, with the membership of the President of the General Authority of Civil Aviation and representatives from the Ministry of Tourism, the Ministry of Finance, the General Authority for Civil Aviation and the Saudi Tourism Authority. supervisory committee.

The committee approves the policies related to the program’s activity, the general and detailed plans and programs necessary for its implementation, and approves the financial support incentives and mechanisms for providing them to the program’s beneficiaries, after agreement with the General Civil Aviation Authority to clarify the mechanism and aspects of support and criteria for qualifying companies that will support the operation of international low-traffic lines, taking into account the share of National carriers on international flights and coordination with the Ministry of Finance in this.

It is also responsible for approving the program’s administrative regulations in agreement with the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, and approving the financial regulations and provisions with financial impact in the administrative regulations in agreement with the Ministry of Finance. The program opens an account for it in the Saudi Central Bank, and it has the right to open other accounts in any of the banks licensed to operate in the Kingdom These accounts shall be disbursed in accordance with the program’s financial regulations. Technical and administrative positions in the program are filled by contract according to the work system. It is not permissible to appoint in the program to fixed positions in the state’s general budget.

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