Agreements between international companies and government sectors at the Riyadh Medical Summit

The Executive Director of Health Affairs at the Ministry of National Guard, Dr. Bandar bin Abdulmohsen Al-Kenawi, has expressed his gratitude and appreciation to the wise leadership – may God protect them – for the patronage of His Royal Highness Prince Muhammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, Crown Prince, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, the Riyadh International Summit for Medical Technology, whose activities will be launched Today, in the presence of a global medical elite and more than 100,000 registered from different countries of the world.

He pointed out that the summit aims to achieve the aspirations of the wise leadership and alignment with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, which is concerned with developing the health sector to achieve sustainable development and in turn contribute to building a more vibrant and healthy world for the Kingdom in particular and for the whole world, and to promote investment in the field of biomedical technology and to emphasize that the Kingdom is one of the most important Leading countries in healthcare and investing in biomedical technology globally.

And he indicated that the Riyadh International Summit for Medical Technology, which is one of the initiatives of the Ministry of National Guard Health Affairs through its research arm, the King Abdullah International Center for Medical Research, is of great importance given the challenges and difficulties the world faces in developing vaccines and clinical research, and the prospects that medical technology has created. significant in developing the future of health, industry and investment; He pointed out that the summit, which hosts in its scientific sessions for 3 days, a group of experts and leaders of the health sector in the world, with the aim of presenting opportunities, will shed light on strategies for optimal investment in medical technology, and its role in developing vaccines and cellular and genetic treatments, and the importance of developing perceptions in this field and expanding the circle of research Specialized and upgrading the level of pharmaceutical manufacturing to confront epidemics, and create an optimal environment for the development of innovations in medical technology and actively contribute to drawing a clear picture of the future of this technology and its quality.

Dr. Al-Knawy explained that partnerships will be launched and the summit will witness the signing of agreements and memoranda of understanding with major international companies with government sectors, which will have – God Almighty’s will – positive repercussions on the future of the biomedical technology industry and investment in the Kingdom and the world at large, noting that for participation and knowledge of the launch The events and activities of the Riyadh International Medical Technology Summit, which will be broadcast by default. Visit the summit’s website:

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