Against overflows in the stadiums, rules that are too vague

The same slippage, or almost. August 22, at 74e minute of the flagship match of the day in Ligue 1 between Nice and Marseille, OM playmaker Dimitri Payet receives a bottle on the back. He sends her back to the stands, and soon everything degenerates: invasion of the lawn, fist fight between ultra groups and a few players involved.

This Sunday, November 21, the Lyon-Marseille poster barely lasts a minute and a half: Dimitri Payet is about to take a corner under a shower of various objects, when a bottle of water hits his head. This time, no wave on the ground, but the same hesitation on the resumption of the match, finally canceled. The person responsible for the attack was apprehended and the OM playmaker lodged a complaint as part of the investigation.

Between the two events, three months and overflows almost every week in football stadiums. The Professional Football League (LFP) had yet promised hot last August “To hit hard so that it doesn’t happen again”. The ace. Sanctions there were (withdrawal of a point and three games behind closed doors for Nice), but without curbing the phenomenon. Sanctions there will be: meeting urgently at midday this Monday, November 22, the disciplinary committee of the LFP decided “As a precautionary measure, a total closed session of the Groupama Stadium in Lyon”, until December 8, definitive measures that some are demanding very heavy.

But will they be enough to shower the nasty enthusiasm of the supporters? “Since the start of the season, from one slip to another, as the events are not quite the same, the League has taken variable decisions, and ultimately fueled a certain vagueness, comments Williams Nuytens, professor at the University of Artois and specialist in supporterism. And the more vagueness, the more supporters play with the rule. The speeches of club leaders do not help, which also maintain an uncertainty in which the supporters rush. “

This Sunday, the president of the Olympique Lyonnais Jean-Michel Aulas hurried to clear his public by evoking “An isolated act”. Except that the water bottle was not a single projectile and that from the stands also fell unkind slogans taken up in chorus against Dimitri Payet. “Only clear and simple rules can be effective, disseminated by the clubs to the associations of supporters who themselves transmit them to their troops., resumes Williams Nuytens. In the meantime, the predictable increase in incidents is a shared responsibility. “

The procrastination of the authorities concerned, for nearly two hours on Sunday evening, around the resumption or not of the game testify to this lack of clarity. For the Minister of Sports, Roxana Maracineanu, the referees must in particular have the “Free quarters” to decide whether to interrupt encounters after throwing projectiles. “For the moment, it is not marked black on white”, lamented the minister. The government suddenly took hold of the file. This Tuesday, November 23, the LFP and the French Football Federation are summoned to the Ministry of the Interior at the same time as the Minister of National Education Jean-Michel Blanquer and the Minister for Sports, to see ” what to do “.


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