After the Stade de France fiasco, the authorities’ strategy called into question

“The public order and security system deployed (…) was effective: no major incidents or serious injuries were reported.» The report is drawn up by the head of Parisian public order, the prefect Didier Lallement, the day after the incidents at the Stade de France, in a report to the Minister of the Interior that The cross consulted. Monday, May 30, Gérald Darmanin, continues in a press conference: The decisions taken prevented that there were deaths. »

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Saturday evening, May 28, the Champions League final between Liverpool and Real Madrid at the Stade de France turned into a fiasco: delayed match, crowd movements, intrusions, police intervention, serial robberies. A debacle that marks a year from the Rugby World Cup and two years from the Olympics. After an interministerial meeting on Monday May 30, the interior and sports ministers will explain themselves to senators during the week.

“Irreproachable supporters”

The responsibilities seem shared between the unpreparedness of the authorities and the organizers of the meeting, the presence of spectators without tickets and the opportunism of delinquents taking advantage of the cacophony. But the images of chaos do not pass, in particular those of the French police using tear gas on supporters, families with children sometimes.

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Liverpool supporters, glued to the gates, were irreproachable, exemplary, despite a four-hour wait and the police charges that there were behind against those who tried to break in. Some put their arm through the gate to show their ticket. Police sprayed them with tear gas for free», says Pierre Barthélémy, lawyer for supporters, present as an observer for the association Football supporters Europe. Sanctions must be taken» for the illegitimate use of tear gas, conceded Gérald Darmanin on Monday, after the interministerial meeting.

The management of the flows in question

Colleagues did their best to repel the crowd and keep it away from the gates. With means that do not make it possible to target certain people within a crowd, hence the images of families undergoing gas», defends a policeman from the Paris police headquarters. The official points the finger “private security” of the stadium: “She clearly failed in her management of ticket control and the entry of supporters. » And would have been overtaken by the breaking wave.

For his part, Gérald Darmanin blamed “a massive, industrial and organized fraud of counterfeit banknotes”. A “root evil” which would have led to the presence of “30,000 to 40,000 supporters either without tickets or with falsified tickets”. The equivalent of half the capacity of the stadium. A huge figure, which is the subject of doubts. “Completely whimsical” for Pierre Barthélémy.

“The main problem is flow management, judge the latter. There was neither a police officer nor a representative of the organizer at the exit of the metro and the RER to direct the supporters towards the pre-filtering points outside the stadium and to prevent them from being 20,000 on the most small entrance. The failure is collective, there were not enough preparatory meetings.»

Not enough law enforcement to cope

The pre-filtering device was lifted by the prefect in the face of congestion, resulting in the arrival of several thousand people on the forecourt, where the tensions began. “Over a Thousand” members of the police were deployed around the stadium, according to Gérald Darmanin. Not enough to cope, testified a policeman in The cross Monday. In his letter, Didier Lallement, to whom Darmanin renewed his support, recommends in the future to go from 10 to 18 units of mobile forces “for high-risk matches”.

Although the image of France is tarnished after this evening, the questioning of the doctrine does not seem to be on the agenda. The Minister of the Interior speaks of a “proportionate policing tactics” and assures him: “It is singularly only in football and with certain English clubs that there are these events. » Across the Channel, anger is brewing. “We are extremely disappointed with the way” with which Liverpool supporters were treated, said the spokesman for Boris Johnson, the British Prime Minister.


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