After several cities… Taif awaits the catastrophe of stray dogs

After repeated incidents of stray dogs in Riyadh, Buraidah, Wadi Al-Dawasir, and several Saudi cities, the latest of which was Al-Ahsa last week, killing children and seriously injuring some of them, the city of Taif awaits the next catastrophe, as large numbers of these dogs spread in almost every neighborhood, and their danger increases in the outskirts of the city as neighborhoods Hawiyah, Rehab, Rayha, Wissam, Rumeida, and other neighborhoods of the city.

notable presence

During the “Al-Watan” tour, we monitored the presence of large numbers of dogs that roam the streets and neighborhoods day and night, until their appearance became familiar to those who visit the city amid a noticeable increase in their numbers every year, according to what a number of residents of those neighborhoods confirm, noting that they fear a lot for their safety and safety. Their children are waiting for the recurrence of dog killings of children, as happened during the past months in the “Al-Washila” neighborhood in Riyadh, and in Al-Aqeer Beach in the Eastern Province a few days ago, which caused the deaths of two children and the injury of other children.

daily inconvenience

Some residents of the neighborhoods of Rehab, Rayha, Al-Hawiya and Al-Wissam in Taif stated that the departure of their young children, especially in the evening period, is considered a risk with ominous consequences, as these dogs are lurking for them everywhere, even at the doors of their homes, and some of them are surprised when they enter their yards in search of food, and sometimes Others chase their prey, such as cats, birds, and others, while others mentioned that, although many of them appear to be peaceful, but in fact they become fierce whenever they have the opportunity.

not to kill her

Hamza Al-Ghamdi, the official spokesman for the “Rahma” Society for Animal Welfare, added that the best solution to eliminate the phenomenon of the spread of stray dogs in neighborhoods is to use the globally known sterilization method, which is applied in many countries, and which has proven successful, and this means that we conduct a simple process that prevents reproduction and refines behavior. And eliminate the dog’s desire for hostility and ferocity.

The role of the secretariats

Al-Ghamdi said that the duty of the city secretariats is to establish temporary shelters, and use veterinarians in mobile or fixed clinics to confine dogs, arrest them for sterilization, and then release them after placing a plastic tag in their ear, according to what is followed in European countries, and other countries have succeeded in eliminating these attacks. Significantly.

Correct steps:

– The method of (TNR), which is holding, sterilization and release.

– Improving the performance of waste removal and food residues inside cities, parks and beaches.

Not throwing dead animals, as well as food waste, on the outskirts of cities.


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