After rescuing a woman months ago, Al-Shehri saves a child from a torrent

In a heroic situation, citizen Amer Al-Shehri recorded the highest forms of sacrifice for the second time by saving the child Abdul Rahman from drowning in the torrent, after he had previously saved a woman in a similar situation, in a village in the center of “Ahad Thurban” located in Majardah in Asir, known as the frequent torrents.

Sidewalk collapse

Amer said: “I was praying in the mosque near the valley last Thursday, and upon my exit I noticed a group of children hiking near the torrent, and I and a group of young men went to advise them, but unfortunately the two slides adjacent to the valley fell because of the torrent digging, and all of them survived, except for Abdul Rahman. Swept away by the torrent, I followed him and a group of my relatives and friends were with me, and thanks to God I was able to save him ».

The reason for the ban on jumping

Al-Shehri said: “Some people thought badly about my friend when he prevented me from jumping at the beginning of the rolling clip, but he – after God – caused me not to come out of the dangerous place that was likely to kill my life, and I could not save son Abdul Rahman at all, where I got off From the second place, and I succeeded in saving the child. ”

Torrents are frequent

Al-Shehri pointed out that the area has frequent torrents, and passers-by on the highway, which is a travel line, used to stop to watch them, but in a much lighter way, as many people stroll in this place, because “Oudhurban” includes beautiful villages, especially at these times. Of the year and in the spring, adding that there are warning signs that prevent descent.

Previous Experience

Amer assured that he has become possessed of experience and that he did what his conscience dictates to him first and foremost, and he repeated his rescue of a child as he did previously, and that he would not be late to anyone passing in the same situation.


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