After Dune, Denis Villeneuve is up for making a James Bond

“It would be a great challenge to try to renew the character after what Daniel Craig did”, explains the Quebec filmmaker.

Asked by Josh Horowitz for his podcast Happy Sad Confused broadcast by MTV on October 6, Denis Villeneuve confided in his wish to one day achieve a James Bond.Honestly, the answer would be a Yes frank and massive. I would love one day to make a James Bond. He’s a character who has lived in me since I was young. I have great affection for him», He affirms at the microphone of the journalist.

Denis Villeneuve would like to give his own interpretation of this character he admires a lot. He says it himself, he wanted to direct the first feature film of the future interpreter of Agent 007: “It would be a big challenge to try to renew the character after what Daniel has done. That Daniel craig made Bond is so unique, so strong and in all honesty unmatched. He is the ultimate embodiment of James bond.»After having played the secret agent five times, Daniel Craig bids farewell to the saga with To die can wait, alongside Léa Seydoux. “I don’t know if this will happen, but it would be a great honor», Concludes the Quebec director.

Denis Villeneuve is renowned for regularly tackling monuments of popular culture and bringing them up to date. Blade Runner, adapted from the Philip K. Dick novel first by Ridley Scott in 1982, had found a sequel in 2017, Blade Runner 2049 , starring Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford. This year, Denis Villeneuve has brought up to date Dune, inspired by Frank Herbert’s novel published in 1965 and which had already been adapted by David Lynch in 1984. Timothée Chalamet and Zendaya share the poster for this first part, in theaters since September 15. If a sequel is already planned, no date has yet been revealed.


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