After a dangerous hazing, a new complaint in the air force

“A pilot tied up to a target and hazed with Mirages”, titled Provence, Friday May 7. The narrative of the facts is chilling and shocking. In March 2019, a young pilot just assigned to the Orange base (Vaucluse) was taken to Solenzara (South Corsica). As soon as he arrived, he was tied up, transported at high speed in the back of a pick-up, then tied, a bag on his head, to a target in the shape of a large red propeller and pierced with impacts.

“Suddenly, the noises of jet fighter jets reach his ears. He understands, dumbfounded: he is in the middle of Diane’s firing range, north of 126 Solenzara air base, in Corsica. Where the pilots of the French army train to throw shells on rows of targets ”, tells the regional daily. For about twenty minutes, the soldier hears the passage of the Mirages who fire real shells within 500 meters of him or fictitious shots in his direction.

A command investigation and sanctions

Still traumatized, the 27-year-old lodged a complaint with the Marseille court “In the middle of the week”, said Friday, May 7 one of his lawyers, Mr.e Frédéric Berna. The pilot denounced “Voluntary violence with a weapon, in meetings, by soldiers, with premeditation, endangering the life of others and moral harassment”.

For its part, the Air Force and Space announced that its Chief of Staff had “Launched a command investigation to shed light on the facts brought to his attention”. Denouncing a staging “Inadmissible”, the spokesperson for the Air Force, Colonel Stéphane Spet, assured that “Firm sanctions” had been pronounced against the responsible soldiers identified.

Justice investigates after complaints in Nancy

Orange driver’s defender, Me Frédéric Berna, strongly denounced “Regular practices of humiliating or even violent hazing” in the army. Indeed, he is already the lawyer of a pilot of Mirage 2000D, two intelligence officers and two navigators, all passed on the air base 133 of Nancy-Ochey (Meurthe-et-Moselle), against which they have filed a complaint for “Moral harassment”. The Metz public prosecutor then opened a preliminary investigation, entrusted to the research section of the air gendarmerie in Vélizy-Villacoublay, according to information revealed by The cross January 6th.

“The worst abuses are carried out by officers, even by senior officers. The harassment facts clearly come from the top of the chain. It is, I affirm it, institutionalized ”, then assured the former president, Mr.e Berna.

→ CONTEXT Military forum, the Ministry of the Armed Forces will take sanctions

The new complaint filed in Marseille taints the image of the institution, at a time when, in another register, the loyalty of the military is questioned, after the publication of a forum of retired generals denouncing the “Disintegration” from France.


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