Afghan novels and films dominate the cultural scene

Coinciding with the recent situation in Afghanistan, the Arab cultural scene has become awash with literary and cinematic recommendations on social media, which made a number of intellectuals raise a number of questions about why ordinary intellectuals and free cultural platforms ignore Afghan literature throughout those years.

Contemporary literature

Cultural researcher Reham Al-Ghamdi raised a number of questions, saying: “In light of the new political and social conditions, talking about Afghanistan in cultural circles today leads us to ask about the nature of contemporary Afghan literature, and about the reasons for its rapid development in recent times, especially since it has become one of the scenes world literature, despite the lack of readers. As the Moroccan translator interested in Afghan literature Othman Botsan said: “Afghanistan did not produce al-Qaeda, but rather ancient thought and literature. However, that was enough to search the depths of this country hidden in its ashes and dust.”

Literary Recommendations

The works of the French-Afghan writer Atiq Rahimi have become one of the most prominent literary works in depicting the suffering and culture of the people during the past years. His works have won many literary prizes, the most important of which is the Gonco Prize for the novel The Stone of Patience, which was turned into a movie in 2012.

And the movie Land of Ashes adapted from the same novel in 2004, along with the novel “Love in Exile” and “Cursed Dostoevsky,” which became the talk of the social media pages, as it is the closest to the soul of the Arab reader through purchase requests on electronic bookstores.

Novels written by women

Above us is the Milky Way

Written by author Faouzia Karimi, when a young family tries to rebuild their lives in a new, peaceful country, they are drawn daily to the first land by remembrance and longing.

Sparks Like Stars

Writer Nadia Hashemi, a girl who survived a brutal coup in the presidential palace in Kabul, finds herself working as a doctor in the United States.

secret sky

Forbidden Love in Afghanistan by Attia Abawi. A story that shows the beauty and violence of present-day Afghanistan, where Fatima and Samiullah fight their families, their culture, and the Taliban to stay together.

cinematic recommendations

“HAVA” – production in 2019

It tells the story of three women living in Kabul, surrounded by three different social contexts, each coping in their own way with their pregnancy.

“Osama” – production in 2003

A girl who had to disguise herself as a boy to be able to work and help her family, is the first movie to be filmed entirely in Afghanistan since 1996.

“At Five in the afternoon” produced in 2003

A young Afghan woman lives in the war-torn capital, and dreams of one day becoming the president of her country.


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