“Aerosol Sense” detects “Corona” in the air

The American company “Thermo Fisher” unveiled its “Aerosol Sense” device, which is an integrated solution to detect the Corona virus in the air, and monitor it on a daily basis with ease, ease and safety, and which gives its use an accurate, fast and reliable reading about the safety and freedom of the air from the virus.

The company, which previously provided with all professionalism the tests to detect the Corona virus with the “PCR” technology, stated that this is done by taking a sample from the air with a cartridge and analyzing this sample by means of “PCR” devices that are currently in all laboratories of the Ministry of Health, to detect whether it is Free or carrying Corona virus, indicating that in the event that the virus is found in the air, the required precautionary measures will be taken to evacuate and sterilize these places.

Fatima Dashti

The company confirmed that this device will help educational institutions to protect students, reduce the number of injured and protect all their branches, pointing out that the presence of this device in educational institutions will send reassurance and psychological comfort to all students’ families, and will motivate them to send their children to classes and classrooms without any hesitation, as they will appreciate the efforts. The efforts made by those in charge of all educational institutions to ensure the creation of a healthy study environment free of “Corona”.

It indicated that there will be no way for the infection to spread from educational institutions to inside students’ homes because of controlling the virus and curbing its spread through this important measure.

The company stated that the presence of “Aerosol Sense” in the important vital facilities in Kuwait, represented by schools, universities, sports clubs, hospitals, all central markets and other vital places that will return to life in the coming days and weeks, is a safety valve to determine the fact that the air is empty in these places from Corona virus, to continue working with it in a continuous and smooth manner, and to preserve its users, which will constitute a decrease in the number of infected people.

“Thermo Fisher” continued that if this environment carries the Coronavirus, it will give an opportunity for the administrative, nursing and technical apparatus in the Ministry of Health and those concerned with the matter, to evacuate the area, carry out appropriate sterilization and take the necessary precautions to prevent the spread of the virus among those in it.

She stated that this device is compatible with the «PCR» examination devices available in the laboratories of the Ministry of Health, and is considered to reduce the financial burdens that may burden the Ministry if it uses other techniques that require the presence of different devices to examine air samples drawn from areas to which life will return in the next stage. Which is imminent after the announcement of the return of the study and the return of students to the classroom.

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