Advertising outlets on social media compete with celebrities

In light of the high prices of marketers for products from famous people and companies specializing in the world of digital marketing, with the cost of their advertising reaching 100,000 riyals, many emerging and large project owners have used social media outlets for an amount not exceeding $ 10, bringing the advertisement to more than 50 million people .

Traditional marketing

Mutab Al-Mutairi, executive director of a company working in technology and marketing, said, “There is great competition between marketing companies specialized in project management through the creation of innovative marketing campaigns, and between low-cost advertising outlets, where the cost of advertising campaigns for emerging companies ranges between 50 thousand riyals for three months and 200 One thousand riyals for big companies. These prices come within arrangements organized by marketing companies such as providing employees to design the website, work on designing the brand, in addition to photographing products in the event that consumer products are food, clothes or cafes, adding that advertising outlets through social networking sites may benefit companies The major companies are well-known, and need more local and global spread, and emerging companies and institutions need huge marketing campaigns through the specialized companies at a cost that varies according to the volume of work proposed and the marketing time plan, indicating that the nomination of celebrities to promote advertisements is part of the marketing campaign plan by marketing companies. And here, the cost may be doubled, given that today’s celebrity wages are twice the basic amount for the company itself.

lower cost

Noura Al-Aouni, a digital marketing specialist, stated that advertising outlets via Twitter and Facebook are the best and least expensive solution for many people or entities wishing to spread their product in a safe and secure manner.

She added that Facebook recently developed the business and advertising section to become more like a link and a center for media and advertising consulting for $ 5, in addition to providing advice and marketing plans for new marketers through it.

Achievement of goals

Khaled Al-Dossary, a digital content industry specialist, added, “Social media outlets advertisements allow marketers to act more flexibly with their money if they work within a limited budget. It also provides many different types of content, from texts to images, videos and rotating publications, in addition to the ads containing clear buttons that invite users to take action (call to action), and interactive others that invite users to open specific and direct conversations and conversations with your brand, as well as It provides tools that help you measure performance, in addition to providing marketers with the ability to design comparative tests for a number of ads and extensions, and then determine the optimum for his advertising campaign.

Negative aspects

Al-Dossary pointed out that there are negative aspects to this type of ads, including the content format, which is subject to restrictions, as the shapes and lengths of social media outlets advertisements contain limitations that you cannot override, moreover, the way your content appears sometimes varies between desktop and mobile. Usually, the target audience is not enthusiastic about the ads that appear in the niches of their own pages, so users are not likely to comment on or interact with the official ads.

Advantages of advertising outlets across communication sites:

– The ability to reach the largest segment of people

– Access and re-emergence through continuous promotion

– Point assessment targeting

– Re-broadcast ads on different accounts

Online advertising costs in 2021:

The average cost-per-click (CPC) of the platform


$ 2.32

Google Display

$ 0.67


$ 1.35


$ 3.56


$ 0.38


$ 5.26


$ 1.50


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