Advantages and disadvantages of scanner applications

The smartphone camera provides many useful functions besides taking photos and recording videos; It can be used by various applications to identify plants, simplify business trip bills, or translate food menus between different languages, but in addition to its advantages it has some disadvantages related to privacy.

Bar codes

Nils Pritz, Head of Digital Operations at the German Association for Information and Communication Technology (Bitkom), explained that a smartphone camera can be used by applications that recognize codes that have been created for computers and convert them into data such as QR codes or existing bar codes. On products or stickers, when the user scans these codes, he is directed to websites that contain more information. “In the past, the user had to install the application in question if he wanted to use this function,” Pritz added. “However, modern smartphones now come with this function in camera applications.”

Data protection

Privacy and data protection issues may arise; Where the user must before using such applications to ask himself some questions such as: This is my picture, is it permissible for a third party to process this image? It should also be taken into account that applications that are funded through ads often send a lot of user data to other companies, so it is better to rely on paid and ad-free alternatives even with the use of simple applications such as the QR scanner.


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