Admission back to Madinah General Hospital

The Directorate of Health Affairs in Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah confirmed the gradual return of admission to Al-Madina General Hospital, after 12 days of closure following an incident of oxygen imbalance in the control panel, and patients were transferred to private and government hospitals in the city. She indicated that the hospitalization was returned to the hospital the day before yesterday, after its evacuation on May 25.

eviction incident

The hospital administration evacuated the patients from the beds after a defect in the oxygen distribution, and transferred them to the city’s hospitals, to remedy the situation, as it stopped work in the hypnosis departments, and assigned the nursing and medical cadres to assist the crews in King Fahd and Uhud Hospitals, after receiving a number of cases, until work was resumed in the departments Hypnotizing, and ending the assignment of crews, to complete work in the hospital.

oxygen imbalance

On the other hand, a number of families held the hospital responsible, after the patients’ condition deteriorated when they were transferred from it to other hospitals, stressing that the cases were damaged after the transfer, and a number of them submitted complaints to the Ministry of Health, to investigate and interrogate those responsible, after it was pointed out that the oxygen outage in the hospital occurs For the second time, it was not an emergency accident, and as a result the patients’ conditions deteriorated.

Take responsibility

The incident of evacuating patients from Madinah General Hospital, two years after its gradual opening with a capacity of 200 beds out of 500 beds, opened the demands of the Ministry of Health to look into the health sector in Madinah, where Madinah is now witnessing a deficit in providing inpatient beds and intensive care after two hospitals went out of service: Al-Ansar and Al-Hajjaj City Hospital (Al-Sadr), and emergency admission to the Miqat Hospital for maintenance, with partial maintenance of the King Fahd Hospital family, to reach nearly 2,000 vacant and active beds in hospitals inside and outside the city, at a time when Madinah is witnessing an increase in population growth.


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