Abha: A young man harassed a girl and chased her in the bathroom

Activists on social media circulated a video clip of the harassment of a girl in a well-known market in the city of Abha in the Asir region, which occurred yesterday at twelve in the morning.

Al-Watan contacted the girl, who stated that she came from the city of Riyadh and was on a family outing in an entertainment hall in one of the floors of the commercial complex, and she climbed to another floor to go to the bathroom.

The girl stated that a young man came to her and asked her for her account in the Snap program, and she refused completely, but he was not satisfied with that, but he repeated the ball once and twice, and every time she refused to do so, he became more insistent, and when she entered the women’s toilet, he followed her inside and expelled him and then went out, but she could not Staying a lot in the bathroom after she was afraid, and decided to go back to her family, and when she came out, she found him in front of her, and he repeated the ball as well, with determination and clear recklessness and not feeling the slightest fear or hesitation, and she ignored him, and when she passed him, he chased her and pushed her from behind and continued mocking and recklessly likening this to a traffic accident and that he would call a “star” » At that, I threatened to shoot him, but he retreated and went.

The girl continues that she returned to her family, but she could not stay inside the mall because she was severely affected, but they all left the place.

And about the official authorities’ communication with her, she stated that she tweeted that she might find someone interested in her case, and the Family Violence Reporting Center responded to her. When she contacted them, they apologized for helping her, mentioning their areas of specialization.

She also submitted a report with the We Are All Safe app, and she is still waiting for a response.


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