Abdulaziz Al-Babtain: “Ooredoo” in 2020 … is exceptional achievements and leaps

– Free internet and local calls for one month for Ooredoo customers during the Corona crisis.

– Awareness text messages about safety procedures and the distribution of free lines for all returnees to the country

The launch of the “Edunation” platform to manage the educational process in the country

– 1000 days of uninterrupted service provision in the “Ooredoo Kuwait” data center

Providing job opportunities for Kuwaiti youth to join the company’s family this month

– Mejbel Al-Ayoub: We assume responsibility for contributing to the stability of society

We adopt a special vision to support individuals of all groups and harness our efforts to advance our nation

“Covid-19” has become an integral part of the equation of our life, but it is not the whole equation. In fact, it is just a sign indicating the possibility of sudden events, while such crises also prove the human ability to adapt and the ability of companies to continue, especially since Sustainability requires resistance and struggle, and achievement is only achieved through timely and correct decision-making and efficient conflict management.

Hence, “Ooredoo Telecom” has been, as always, an exceptional performance during the difficult times the world went through in 2020, and has made remarkable achievements that add to its proven track record.

“Being average or moderate is the criterion of failure, while being exceptional with distinction is the criterion of success according to our culture in the company, and today we are proud of everything we have accomplished this year, in terms of providing innovative digital products and solutions,” said CEO of Ooredoo Kuwait, Abdulaziz Al-Babtain. New to our customers, to support the government and society during crises, and to cooperate with international and local companies.

He added that 2020 was tough enough for those who were not prepared, and it was challenging enough for those who think strategically and anticipate the future, and have the ability to efficiently manage crises and take action in real time, pointing out that it was a year of achievements that confirmed the great strategic jumps that were made. It was achieved by «Ooredoo Kuwait».

Al-Babtain indicated that last March, and with the onset of the global Coronavirus crisis, a meeting was held between the Chairman of the Communications and Information Technology Regulatory Authority, Salem Al-Athaina, and the company, with the aim of encouraging customers to stay at home and stay away from gatherings, in line with the directives of government agencies.

Ooredoo provided its customers with 5 GB of free internet daily, and free local calls for a month from March 22, 2020.

The company launched a digital campaign entitled “Be comfortable, be at home, be online”, which included a set of distinctive digital offers and services, to encourage staying at home.

The company applied the remote work strategy successfully, with the aim of making it safer for all customers and employees and to ensure the continuity of providing communication services to the fullest extent.

Ooredoo has provided all its customers working in ministries and agencies in the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Interior, the General Administration of Civil Aviation, the General Administration of Customs, Kuwait Police, Civil Defense and Kuwait Airways, free internet until the end of March 2020 for their efforts to limit the spread of the Coronavirus.

Educational platform

In April 2020, after months of the virus spreading dramatically, the usual aspects of life stopped. Business and study became remote and online, and Ooredoo’s concern for business continuity and the future of students who are the future, it launched the “Edunation” educational platform, to allow The opportunity for educational institutions to benefit from their services in light of the “Covid-19” virus crisis.

Through “Edunation”, a platform can be provided to manage the educational process, and to serve virtual lessons with high quality, as it allows students to study at any time, place and from any device, and even take exams and solve assignments remotely.

This platform is considered one of the most important achievements of “Ooredoo Kuwait” in 2020, which played a fundamental role in supporting society and government agencies.


“Ooredoo Kuwait” confirmed its position to support entrepreneurship and spread the culture of work via the Internet during Corona. It launched a special offer for its corporate clients in July 2020, with the aim of enabling them to run their business smoothly and facilitate communication, especially as the state was preparing for the third phase of a return to normal life.

Last August, the company celebrated a historic achievement that represented the completion of its data center 1000 continuous days of providing services with the highest performance and without interruption, confirming its commitment to be one of the leaders in IT solutions, and the preference for customers looking for advanced information and communication technology solutions. Which cater to companies’ needs in particular.

The Data Center provides a suite of managed hosting services that are specifically designed to suit corporate and business needs, which are ideal for companies looking to better manage their data, platforms and applications.

1000 customers in two days

The ongoing Corona pandemic, and the precautionary measures that resulted from it, did not prevent Ooredoo Kuwait from continuing its support for all segments of society, but rather looked more at their needs, which have changed as a result of the global crisis.

Ooredoo launched its all-new product, Shamel Pro, on October 19.

And the company got the fruits of its hard work, and gained more than 1000 new customers for the “Shamel Pro” product in the first two days of its launch.

“Ooredoo” has not ceased to dazzle its customers with its distinctive and unique products, services, and packages until today. Shamel Pro assures the provision of an exceptional digital customer experience, through its three different packages and features that are designed according to the needs and desires of the local consumer market and its requirements related to many aspects of life, such as Travel, entertainment or electronic games.

Save jobs

The Corona crisis this year imposed unexpected global challenges, and caused a lot of human damage. One of the priorities of Ooredoo Kuwait was to provide and preserve jobs for all, as it made distinct efforts to the necessity of employing young people, and it did not abandon its employees during the crisis and at the end of the year, but rather opened in December This is precisely the case, her doors for Kuwaiti youth to join her family.

Strategic partnerships

Ooredoo is reshaping the information and knowledge era through its effective partnerships. It announced its partnership with Wipro Limited, a leader in information technology, consulting and business process services, in October 2020, to launch the sixth version of the Internet Protocol (IPv6), to offer its customers a more Internet experience. Efficient and fast with 5G and IoT for mobile device data.

The partnership includes providing Internet services for “Ooredoo” mobile devices in Kuwait, and providing “Dual-stack” solutions for “Wipro” through network devices that translate Internet Protocol (IPv4) and (IPv6) to provide a fast, reliable and secure mobile data experience.

Last October, “Ooredoo” represented by “Fasttelco” was classified as a gold partner in Aruba’s “Partner Ready for Networking Program” with “Hewlett Packard Enterprise” (HPE).

The agreement included the registration of “Ooredoo”, to be the first service provider of “Aruba” in Kuwait, at a time when the program for selecting golden partners from “Aruba” includes companies that have a specialized engineering staff and have many professional certificates and sufficient experience in planning, designing, implementing and supporting Various projects in the field of wired and wireless networks and data security and confidentiality. Ooredoo has fulfilled the requirements for possessing all the competencies of the gold level, and for carrying out noteworthy projects in the country, which enabled it to reach this level and deserve this golden partnership.

Cloud computing

The company launched a “virtual desktop” service for enterprises in Kuwait in cooperation with “Nutanix” for cloud computing and virtual infrastructure programs for various companies.

“Ooredoo Kuwait”, in partnership with “Batelco” in Bahrain, announced the establishment of “Global Zone Kuwait” in Kuwait, which is an international transit platform that provides the appropriate ecosystem and supports digital transformation among the countries of the region.

Batelco has chosen Ooredoo as a strategic partner to enable the expansion of the Global Zone platform in the region, and to support the growing telecommunications and information technology and communication needs at the regional level, in line with Batelco’s strategy to meet the growing regional data requirements.

The most important partnerships that Ooredoo is proud of include its cooperation with Warba Bank, with the signing of a strategic cooperation agreement in the light of which a study will be made to provide exclusive and integrated offers in the future for their customers alike.

This partnership is the first of its kind in Kuwait, as it included providing innovative and smart digital solutions, and studying the possibility of providing future services and products, taking into account the fulfillment of the requirements of the official authorities.

In November 2020, Ooredoo Kuwait signed a partnership agreement with the Tamdeen Pearl Company, a subsidiary of the Tamdeen Group, for a period of 5 years.

Under this agreement, Ooredoo will provide innovative services and integrated digital communication solutions supported by high-speed 5G technology for the first phase of the “Khiran Hybrid Outlet Mall” project in Sabah Al-Ahmad Sea City, in addition to strengthening the project with state-of-the-art security technology services, in accordance with the highest standards. And international specifications.

Social Responsibility

Ooredoo’s social responsibility strategy is based on many values, including communicating with all segments of society, caring for them and enriching their digital lives, as well as managing all challenges that may hinder the progress of societies.

“We take on our shoulders the responsibility to contribute to the stability of society, and we adopt a special vision that helps us support individuals of all groups, and we harness our efforts and capabilities to have a prominent role in elevating our country to the ranks of the first and advanced countries at all levels,” said Senior Director, Corporate Communication Department, Majbel Al-Ayoub.

He added, “We are pleased with our cooperation with the International Organization for Migration of the United Nations (UN), which plays a pioneering role in the field of migration and mobility worldwide, as this cooperation allows members of (Stars) who are also customers of (Ooredoo) to donate their points to the United Nations Organization for Migration through the application (MyOoredoo) ».

Al-Ayoub stated that “Ooredoo” announced on February 10 its strategic partnership with the Global Biking Initiative, with the aim of supporting youth and athletes and achieving their aspirations, in line with its basic values ​​and in line with its policy of social responsibility extending throughout the year.

He pointed out that the activities of the “Global Biking Initiative” from March 5 to 7, witnessed the participation of more than 200 cyclists and 100 volunteers from different countries participating in Kuwait, who took a bicycle tour from north to south Kuwait within 3 days.

Confronting Corona

The crisis that the world has gone through has planted an increasing appreciation for simple life experiences, as in fact, life after the outbreak of “Covid-19” will not always be the same. Therefore, Ooredoo works to create a new beginning in support of all members of society at such times, which draws Outline of its social responsibility strategy.

And «Ooredoo Kuwait», in cooperation with the International Mercy Society, gave all returnees to the homeland free lines in order to communicate with their loved ones during the period of health isolation.

These lines include free calls and internet capacities, and were distributed by the “Ooredoo” team, represented by the CEO Abdulaziz Al-Babtain, the first director of the Institutional Communication Department, Majbel Al-Ayoub, and the head of the volunteer unit at the International Mercy Society, Abdullah Al-Mithen.

The company has harnessed all its capabilities at the disposal of health and government agencies to face the crisis, through many initiatives aimed at encouraging customers to stay at home and stay away from gatherings during this exceptional period, in line with the directives of government agencies.

Honoring the “Red Crescent”

“Ooredoo” Communications Company was honored by the Kuwait Red Crescent Society for its distinguished volunteer role that it played throughout the ongoing Corona pandemic.

The honor was held at the association’s headquarters in the Shuwaikh area yesterday, in the presence of the association’s chairman of the board, Dr. Hilal Musaed Al-Sayer, Vice Chairman Anwar Abdullah Al-Hasawi, Secretary-General Maha Al-Barjas, First Director of the Institutional Communication Department at “Ooredoo Kuwait” Mijbel Al-Ayoub, and Senior Director of Relationships Fatima Dashti, general officer at «Ooredoo Kuwait» and other destinations.

Al-Ayoub affirmed that the company always seeks to enhance its pioneering role in humanitarian work that would support community members, pointing out that its partnership with the Kuwait Red Crescent Society has resulted in many achievements in the field of humanitarian work and community development.

He thanked all the volunteers from the company for their tireless efforts and generous support throughout the global crisis, which came with the support and guidance of the company’s executive management and the Chairman of the Board of Directors.

This comes at a time when the Society is considered one of the leading Kuwaiti beacons in the field of humanitarian work, and this was not the first cooperation between it and Ooredoo Kuwait.

This cooperation came from the two parties’ belief in the importance of cooperation and solidarity in the face of crises, challenges and difficulties, and a broad line was drawn explaining the importance and value of the voluntary humanitarian activities for which Ooredoo and Kuwait have always been famous.

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