A young man tries to swim from Malaysia to Saudi Arabia and the authorities save him

Malaysian police reported that a 28-year-old man jumped into the sea, trying to swim to Saudi Arabia, she said.

And the Malaymail newspaper quoted the North Eastern Police Chief, Sofian Santong, as saying that the man jumped again into the sea from a pier in the marina of Tanjung city, and the maritime police rescued him.

He added: “At approximately 4:55 pm yesterday (local time), the Beach Street Police Station received a call from a member of the public about the presence of a man floating in the sea near the Tanjung City Marina Marina,” noting that “the Maritime Police were sent to the scene of the accident.” The man was saved.”

Sofiane Santong explained that preliminary investigations revealed that it was the same man who tried to swim across Seberang Perai on July 12, when he was not allowed to board the ferry without official permission to allow him to travel between regions.

And he continued: “This time, his excuse was that he wanted to swim to the holy land of Makkah.”

Sofian stated that the man broke his right hand in the July 12 incident and was sent to Penang General Hospital for treatment, as the hospital confirmed at that time that the man did not suffer from any psychological problems and that his parents later took him to a rehabilitation center for drug addicts.

He pointed out that this time the man was sent to Penang General Hospital for further treatment and to assess his mental condition, revealing that “the drug test came negative for this man, but he was placed in the psychiatric department to receive further treatment.”


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