A word of wafa..a patriotic work by Abd al-Rabb Idris and Taroub

A new patriotic song will appear in the coming days in conjunction with the 91st Saudi National Day, where the Saudi artist, Taroub, flies to the wings of the musician Dr. Abd al-Rab Idris and the poet Ahmed Falah al-Ruwaili, in a new patriotic work entitled “The Word of Wafa”.

Abd al-Rab’s works

The musician, Dr. Abd al-Rab Idris, expressed his happiness with all the patriotic works he presented with melody and singing for the dear homeland, and this cooperation with the distinguished poet Ahmed al-Ruwaili coincides with the 91st National Day, with the voice of the promising artist Taroub, to provide a dedication and pride for the homeland.

The poet Ahmed Falah Al-Ruwaili says: It is a matter of pride that our feelings move in the name of the giving country, with pride and honor. Troub, a dedication and pride in this great entity.

important station

For her part, the artist Taroub expressed her happiness with this national work and her happiness in cooperation with the musician Dr. Abd al-Rab Idris, and thanked him for his confidence in her voice, and thanked the creative poet Ahmed al-Ruwaili, for this opportunity and his wonderful words. She said: The work represents an important station in my artistic life, because it is linked to a day dear to the hearts of all Saudis, and it is a great opportunity to communicate with the Saudi public who eagerly awaits this occasion, and feels proud and proud when he hears words that glorify the homeland and reflect the state of euphoria experienced by the noble people and their rational leadership.


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