A woman searches her husband’s mobile and asks for compensation

A woman revealed her husband’s betrayal, after she searched his cell phone to find several messages with a girl, and immediately confronted him with that to assure her that he had a relationship with another and he would marry her, which made her resort to filing a lawsuit to ask for divorce and to demand material compensation.

Psychological damage

The details of the incident go back to a 30-year-old wife who applied to a law firm asking him to file a divorce lawsuit against her husband, with a demand to pay financial compensation to her after her psychological damage, as she confirmed to the lawyer that her marriage period exceeded 7 years and she has 3 children from him, indicating that she performs all marital duties for him and takes into account His circumstances, as well as contribute with him to provide the basic requirements for her family and children, especially as she works as a teacher and pays the housing rent.

Frequent absence

She confirmed that her husband became very absent without justification and preoccupied with the mobile device inside the house, which led her to doubt him, explaining that she watched him while he opened his mobile device to save the secret number, and after she was able to do that, she searched his mobile to find several messages with a girl, and through conversations, promising her marriage Immediately she confronted him with that, and it was not from the husband except not to repudiate, and he confirmed that he is in a relationship with another and he will marry her.

Judicial matter

The legal advisor, Assem Al-Mulla stated that the wife has neither the right to search the cell phone nor the husband as well, and with regard to the judicial matter in this regard, the husband may file a case against his wife demanding that she be held accountable for doing so, and he may be judged according to what the judge sees, as for financial compensation, she is not entitled to final, as There is no harm worthy of it, and what was issued from it is considered an individual act.

Deter the traitor

The family counselor, Saleh Al-Qahtani indicated that there are several things that the wife may do with the traitorous husband to deter him and correct the mistake he made, including advising him and winning him with good manners and dealing with them, and he may be looking for emotion and other matters that he did not find in his wife, indicating that he must deal with That is rationally without resorting to divorce, through frankness and giving the husband another opportunity to restore the relationship in correct ways, away from the courts and family problems, and this may contribute to the restoration of the marital relationship in positive ways and peaceful solutions that push the husband to regret what was issued from him, and make him reconsider what he committed from Betrayal of the wife.

A woman revealed her husband’s betrayal after she searched his cellphone

She confronted him with this to assure her that he is in a relationship with another

– She resorted to filing a lawsuit asking for divorce and demanding financial compensation

– It is not entitled to search his cell phone or to request financial compensation


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