A woman is fined 50,000 and forbidden from advising women

The Criminal Court in Jeddah issued a judicial ruling, which is to convict a woman of betraying her friend and urging her not to obey her husband, and the ruling obliging her to pay 50,000 riyals a fine handed to the husband, and to take a pledge that she will not advise any married woman, regardless of the motive for advice. The defendant indicated that she only wanted this in the interest of her friend, and her expectation that she did not want her husband as her situation, as she hates husbands and lives with them.

Lawyers described the court ruling as a unique judicial precedent.

Case details

The husband claimed against the defendant that she betrayed his wife and urged her not to obey him, saying, “My wife’s friend incited my disobedience, by giving her advice that caused the disturbance of the existing marital relationship between us, and she added more to her by mentioning what distinguishes husbands, and that I do not fulfill her rights in this way, and that She should claim her alleged rights, and the husband demanded compensation for the damage caused to his marriage. ”

Judgment context

In the context of the ruling, the department pointed out that the wife attended and said: Her friend, the defendant, was referring to her with advice, including: not to respond to her husband in all that he asks, whether it was a duty or permissible, such as serving him inside the house, and notifying him after the desire to speak with him. She was referring to her not to ask permission from him while she was going out, to not answer him when he called her, and to make him feel that she was upset to live with him, until her husband became more distressed.

She added: After months of that and during my conversation with her, I showed the extent of her spoiling of my marital life by declaring that I should not stay with him, and that any man does not suit me, all men are like that, so I discovered that she is the cause of the problems that I am in with my husband.

Then the husband said: This is a matter that caused me psychological harm, and my family was torn apart, when it caused me to suffer from this from a distance from my wife and my unwillingness to her. Therefore, I request a judgment for compensation, and the punishment of the defendant is a punishment that deters her and restrains others.

Respondent responded

The defendant replied by saying: “The plaintiff’s wife, my friend in study, consulted me and advised her, and I expected that she would not want her husband as I am, as I hate husbands and living with them, and I live without a husband. And if it is really a duty or permissible, such as serving him inside the house, notifying him after the desire to speak with him, and not asking him for permission while she is going out, and she does not answer him when he calls her, and make him feel that she is upset to live with him, so that he divorces her, and this does not result in a material loss that will follow her. What I wanted in that was its interest. ”

Defenses and evidence

The judge said: Based on the case and the answer, and because the answer included an affidavit, what the defendant did to the wife, which indicates that this is a kind of intimidation that is forbidden by Sharia. Seeking to incite the wife against her husband, seeking to spoil the relationship between them.


The judge added: Based on the aforementioned, she decided to pay a fine of 50 thousand riyals to the defendant, for her heinous act, to be paid to the husband and to take a pledge on her, not to advise any woman who was in her relationship with her husband, regardless of the motive for advice, and to abide by that in order not to offer Itself to the most severe punishment. The plaintiff and the defendant were satisfied, and thus this lawsuit ended.


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