A virtual conference for the Middle East Women’s Association in Cybersecurity

The Middle East Women in Cybersecurity Association (WiCSME) will hold its first virtual conference (WiCSME2020) under the slogan «Let us believe and believe together», from 14 to 15 November, with the participation of more than 50 speaking women, representing the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and countries. Gulf, Arab and international levels.

The association seeks to support and encourage girls and women to develop their professional and leadership skills in this vital field, increase their number and empower them in leadership positions related to the sector, so its first conference aims to attract specialists from the countries of the region and the world in cybersecurity, to the forefront of the international stage by creating a platform Powerful to empower them, connect them with international and regional thought leaders, and help them achieve their professional goals. The conference includes a number of keynote speeches, technical and non-technical seminars, and other discussion angles, and the regional and international speakers will cover the diverse interesting visions in this sector, and enhance the expertise of distinguished and talented women in the fields of cybersecurity at the regional and global levels. For the first time, the Association will launch the first award of its kind in the world, WiCSME2020, to celebrate and appreciate the distinguished women of the region in this pivotal sector. The winners will be honored on the second day of the conference (November 15), and the awards were classified into 6 main categories, including: «Leader of thought in security “Cyber”, “The Executive Lady in Cybersecurity”, “The Cyber ​​Security Adviser”, “The Rising Star in Cybersecurity”, “The Champion of Cybersecurity”, and “The Supporting Lady of the Cybersecurity Community.” The awards jury includes distinguished names (of both sexes) at the local, regional and international levels. Among the activities that will be included in the conference, the Capture the Flag (CTF) competition, in which more than 600 contestants will participate, is scheduled to take place on Saturday and Friday (12-13 November), and the winning teams will be announced on the second day of the conference. Each participant team must include at least one woman, and the competition is open to citizens and residents of the Middle East region only.

It is noteworthy that the Middle East Women’s Cybersecurity Association was founded in 2018 by 9 women from the Middle East and North Africa region. The Association has more than 900 active members, representing 23 countries and different organizations around the world, and 10 branches of the Association from different countries of the region.


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