A total lunar eclipse is not seen in the Kingdom next Wednesday

The Earth will witness, next Wednesday, a total lunar eclipse, the first of two this year, and it will be seen with the naked eye all over the Pacific Ocean and parts of eastern Asia, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and western North America, but it is not seen in the sky of the Arab world.

The head of the Astronomical Society in Jeddah, Eng. Majed Abu Zahra, said: “The moon will pass through the Earth’s shadow to create an eclipse. Its total phase will take a short time, which will be 14 minutes and 30 seconds only, but the partial eclipse phase before the total eclipse lasts about an hour and a half and after another hour and a half. From start to finish, it will take the moon a little over 3 hours to cross the Earth’s shadow. ”

He added: This is the closest perihelion moon to Earth this year, or what is known as the giant moon, and this coincidence between the eclipse and the giant moon happened last time in September 2015.

And he indicated that the phases of the eclipse will be at the same time, as the moon will start to enter the semi-shadow of the earth at 11:47 am (08:47 am GMT), and this phase is usually not an observation because the moon’s disk will remain fully lit, and after that it will start Partial eclipse with the beginning of the moon entering the Earth’s shadow region at 12:45 pm (09:45 GMT), and its disk begins to lose light gradually, and at this stage the shape of the earth’s shadow (curved) will be seen falling on the moon, which is one of the methods Ancient proof of the sphericity of the Earth.

He explained that this is followed by the beginning of the total eclipse with the entry of the entire disk of the moon in the shadow of the earth at 02:11 pm (11:11 am GMT), and the phase of the total eclipse is important because of the way in which it occurs and the effect of the Earth’s atmosphere in its formation.

He pointed out that the total eclipse will end at 02:26 PM (11:26 AM GMT) with the start of the moon’s departure from the Earth’s shadow, and the second phase of the partial eclipse will end, which will end at 03:52 PM (12:52 PM local time). Greenwich), full moon lighting and the main event ends.


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