A specialized group to support victims of harassment

The President of the Human Rights Commission, Awad Al-Awad, has launched a specialized group to support victims of harassment, which aims to provide psychological counseling and educational, social and legal guidance to victims and families seeking service, within a framework of privacy and strict confidentiality. The launch of the group comes to enhance protection of victims of harassment, and to raise awareness of it and its impact on the individual and society, as it is dishonorable behavior that represents one of the aspects of grave human rights violations.

Al-Awad stressed that the launch of the group comes in line with the measures and regulations taken by the Kingdom to protect and support victims of harassment, such as the anti-harassment system, the child protection system, the protection from abuse system, and other measures aimed at confronting this behavior, and providing adequate protection for victims to mitigate the negative effects of it such as disturbances Loss of safety, psychological trauma and others, which the group will seek to work to mitigate to help them overcome psychological trauma and avoid its recurrence and avoid its occurrence again, and inform the family and the concerned authorities in the event of exposure to it again.

The group seeks to change the perception prevalent among some by dealing with the victim as responsible for what happened to him, or the actions that follow that may be taken by the family and increase the harm that occurred to the victim, including the family’s refusal to take measures that would prevent the recurrence of harassment.

The group is supervised by a member of the board of the commission, Dr. Sarah Bint Omar Al-Abd Al-Karim, in cooperation with Dr. Meshaal Al-Aqeel, a consultant psychiatrist, and Dr. Amal Muhammad Bannouneh, a professional advisor in protection and specializing in sexual education, where psychological, educational and legal advice is provided to the beneficiaries in cooperation with a number of specialists and specialists in The agency for the protection of human rights, and the group will receive requests for victim support and counseling through the WhatsApp service via the number (0114185118) and e-mail. http://rhthrc.gov.sa.


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