A Snapchat celebrity was caught marketing fake products and delivering them to luxury cars

The Ministry of Commerce arrested a citizen who was marketing fake and counterfeit women’s brand products through a famous account in (Snapchat), where he took 3 luxury hotel apartments in the towers of two famous (five-star) hotels north of Riyadh as a headquarters for promoting and marketing the fraudulent goods and delivering them to buyers via luxury cars. The ministry seized the counterfeit goods (women’s bags, wallets, accessories, packaging papers and packages with the names of famous brands to put products in), whose total value exceeds 700,000 riyals, after carrying out a tight ambush, in order to cooperate and coordinate with the joint security campaigns, the Riyadh police and the Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property.

The Ministry summoned the violator to be heard, and then referred to the concerned authorities to complete the implementation of the legal procedures against him in accordance with the Trademarks Law, the E-Commerce System and its Executive Regulations. The Ministry of Commerce confirms its continuous follow-up to electronic stores to preserve the rights of consumers, to ensure the stores’ compliance with the e-commerce system and its executive regulations, to monitor all violations and to impose legal penalties on non-compliant stores.

In accordance with the e-commerce system and its executive regulations, the Ministry of Commerce controls violations of electronic stores and refers violators to the committee to consider violations of the e-commerce system. , according to the type, size and impact of the violation. The Trademarks Law also provides for the punishment of anyone who forges a registered trademark, and anyone who displays, sells, or possesses products bearing a forged, imitated or unlawfully used mark, with imprisonment for a period of up to one year, and a fine of up to one million riyals, or one of these two penalties.


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