A seventy compete with the youth of Jazan in volunteering

The seventies Musa Sanbaa competes with the youth of Jazan in many different hobbies, most notably plastic art and calligraphy, and his participation in voluntary work for more than 40 years, where he was honored as the largest volunteer in the region by the Municipality.

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The plastic artist, Musa Sanbaa, explained that he loves many different hobbies, including plastic art, calligraphy, football and volunteer work. Issa Adawi, as well as I painted the city of the brother and gifted it to Sohaili.

And he indicated that in 1400 he participated in an exhibition held in Jordan with works of paintings by King Abdul Aziz and Al-Masmak Palace, and won an advanced prize.

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Sanbaa confirmed that the hobby of plastic art made volunteer work more. He said that his first participation in volunteer work was in 1389, when he was studying in the first middle school at the Red Sea School in Jeddah, where they participated in every Friday by watering pilgrims and worshipers in Makkah, and as for his first participation in an area Jazan was in the year 1394 in the dam of Wadi Jazan. He added, “Although I am now in my seventies, I still practice all my favorite hobbies, including volunteer work, which I have spent nearly 49 years in.” And he indicated that since the initiatives launched by the secretariat and municipalities are in the interest of plastic artists to practice their favorite identities, as well as to contribute to the elimination of visual distortions in neighborhoods and squares by blurring the graffiti and decorating them afterwards, and also painting with better aesthetic art and making aesthetic models at the entrances to neighborhoods and squares And he said that the last volunteer participation was last year through the We Gather with Compliance initiative, and I was the largest volunteer among 250 volunteers and competitors for the young men and women of Jazan.

Artists’ house

The head of the Social Development Committee in Alia Hussein Bahloul explained that the committee seeks to be the home of plastic artists, holding public exhibitions for them and presenting prizes. And we strive to provide the best in any forum for plastic artists, and the work of a special section for the arts.


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