A secret nickname given by Prince Charles to Meghan Markle

A British newspaper has revealed a secret nickname given by Prince Charles to the wife of his son Harry, Meghan Markle. newspaper quoted «ExpressThe British newspaper quoted the royal family affairs correspondent, Russell Myers, as saying that the nickname Charles gave to Markle since he knew her is “tungsten.”

The newspaper pointed out that “tungsten” is one of the hardest metals on the planet, and Charles chose to call Megan the name of this metal because it is “strong and does not bend,” as he described it.

Royal correspondent Myers sees the title as an “elegant compliment” from Charles to Meghan.

This comes despite press reports that Prince Charles is planning to expel his son Harry and his wife Megan Markle from the royal family. And the newspaper “The Telegraph” reported at the end of last month that Prince Charles and his son Prince William will hold a royal summit to discuss the future of the royal family in Britain within weeks, after the death of Prince Philip, the husband of Queen Elizabeth.

Reports confirmed that Prince Charles is seeking to reorganize the British royal palace, including reducing the circle of people close to the British throne from members of the royal family.

Prince Charles wants to pick a few members of the royal family into a small group. Harry and Meghan are expected to be expelled very soon from the royal family, according to reports.


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