A seawalk that spreads joy

A bridge on the northern Jazan Corniche, facing the university, has a close relationship with the people and visitors, as it is hardly devoid of the daily influx of visitors, and its length extends to more than 100 meters.

daily documentation

“Al-Watan” spotted on a field tour, visitors, families, girls and young people flocked to the bridge and the North Corniche, enjoying a walk, and spending fun times.

The bridge represents an attractive environment to improve the visitor’s psychological state, as it was a haven to bid farewell to anger and raise morale.

Safety Corniche

The northern Jazan Corniche is a social gathering place for families, a daily club for children, and it has large green areas and an attractive waterfront for visitors, amid the availability of safety requirements and rules.

Breaking the routine

Family advisor Muhammad Abdulsalam confirmed to Al-Watan that such cases bring happiness, especially when changing places, and one’s need to change and break his boring daily routine, noting that seafronts and picturesque nature always change psychology for the better, and great positives occur with which the individual lives. happily, and enhances the positive behaviors of individuals alike, stressing that such cases complicate a bond and document the drawing of dreams, love and affection.


Visitors to the bridge carry out daily activities represented in: walking, fishing, and documenting and capturing special moments at sunset.


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