A scholarship student and his wife are writing a Saudi book in German

The Saudi doctor on scholarship has completed his studies in pediatrics and adolescents, Dr. Ali Al-Khudair, and his wife, the doctor on scholarship, to complete her studies in radiology and nuclear medicine, Dr. Hind Al-Tulahi, and they are currently working at the University Hospital of Mannheim of the University of Heidelberg, Germany. They wrote a book, titled: «A Glimpse of Saudi Arabia through a keyhole,” it gives the reader brief information compared to the achievements and development of the Kingdom. When a person looks through the keyhole, he sees a small part of the general scene.

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Al-Khudair said: At the beginning of our stay in Germany, there was an activity in which the participant mentioned information or questions about a specific country, then the student from that country would confirm or deny this information. Including: that women in Saudi Arabia cannot walk alone outside the house, and that they are not allowed to study, and many told us that they know only 3 information about Saudi Arabia: desert, oil and camels.

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He added, the matter developed when we met one of the German-speakers, to be surprised by some negative thoughts and views, which were formed by some due to the German-speaking media, and the scarcity of neutral German-speaking sources, and we and our Saudi colleagues residing in Germany often found ourselves in a position of defense and clarification, It is no secret to anyone that language plays a key role in any discussion, and if a person’s language is weak or a beginner, he is a loser in the debate and the owner of a weak argument. Therefore, the idea of ​​publishing this book emerged and crystallized and matured more over the years, so we wanted as a personal effort to return part of the religion of this country We have to publish a book in the mother tongue of Germans to reach the goal directly and in the shortest way.

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He indicated that the book dealt with several topics, including: the role of the founder of the Kingdom, King Abdulaziz, and his sons who ruled the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia after him, and some of their achievements at the local and international levels. The distinctive features and culture of the Kingdom (folk dishes, traditional dress, coffee and dates, sports achievements and contributions, some of the Kingdom’s projects (Tawakulna, transportation, schools and universities, Siamese twins separation, Ramadan, National Day, Kingdom’s weather, Hijri calendar). Al-Khudair gave the book to Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz, and his Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, and to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs represented by the Saudi Embassy in Germany, the Ministry of Education represented by the Cultural Attaché in Germany, the Ministry of Information, and the Ministry of Culture.


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