A Saudi woman gives birth after 14 years of infertility

A medical team specialized in treating infertility and assisting in childbearing in the infertility unit at the Medical City at King Saud University has succeeded in fulfilling the dream of a Saudi woman to give birth after primary infertility that lasted 14 years during which she visited several hospitals, where doctors confirmed the inability to perform an operation to remove the endometriosis cyst and be satisfied with treatments.

Dr. Tariq Baghdadi, a consultant in obstetrics, fertility, fertility and IVF medicine at the University’s Medical City, stated that the 33-year-old woman had gone to the infertility unit at King Khalid University Hospital, and she had been suffering from primary infertility for 14 years with chronic pain, and after conducting a clinical examination and examinations. Lab and radiographs show that she suffers from an endometriosis cyst of 8 cm, which is a disorder that occurs as a result of a functional or anatomical defect characterized by the presence of tissue similar to the endometrial tissue on the ovaries and surrounding organs in the pelvic cavity.

He added that based on the results of the examination, the surgical team decided to perform a laparoscopic operation to remove the adhesions resulting from the migratory lining and the associated sac, and thanks to God the woman left the next day of the operation, and she is in good health, and after two months of the operation discovered that she was pregnant, and continued her pregnancy without She had any complications, had a cesarean delivery in the University Medical City, and was discharged from the hospital with the baby in good health.


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