A Saudi barista in Al Darb cafes

Many young men and women in Al-Darb governorate, north of Jazan region, stormed the barista field, “painting on coffee” in cafes spread throughout the governorate, achieving material income and functional work to break the barrier of unemployment, after this profession was the preserve of foreigners.

The young man, Abdo Huwail, excelled in his work, moving from an ordinary employee to a barista to become a branch manager.

high demand

Huwail said: I decided to take my first experience in the coffee industry after witnessing a huge turnout from young people recently. If the young man gives it enough importance.

coffee drawing

Huwail stressed that drawing on coffee has become part of the requirements of working in the barista profession. You cannot be a barista without acquiring the skill of drawing on coffee, which is a mixture of two materials of milk foam. And it is drawn by pouring milk on the coffee of different types and according to the customer’s request, and this results in a design on the surface of the cup, and it can also be decorated with drawing on the top layer of the foam.

income improvement

Huwail adds: I started as a regular employee, then as a barista, and now I gained the confidence of the owner of the café and became the manager of the branch, and all this during a whole year of work and proficiency. Society was a non-positive view of the job of a catering or coffee provider, but now the concept has completely changed and it became normal and acceptable, and everyone should follow his passion and love just as I did, and my deepening in the world of coffee made me turn to this profession.


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